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Aside from booking your tickets, hotel accommodation and tours, there are many other things you have to consider when traveling. Either it’s your first time to travel or you are a frequent traveler, considering the following will ensure you a smooth, fun and headache-free trip.

1. Culture

Whether you’re going local or international, always do some research about the destination. Consider the culture that the country or city has. There are some places who have very strict dress code rules or laws that are strictly implemented like in Singapore. You don’t want to end up paying some fine or being banned in a certain place just because you don’t know their culture.

2. Weather

Taking note of the weather during your visit will help you identify the things you need to bring or clothes to wear. Consider checking your destination’s weather forecast days or week ahead of your travel schedule. In this way, you will be very much prepared for your travel.

3. Time Difference

If you will be going to a place with different timezone from your home country, consider adding a clock on your phone or laptop to keep you on track with the time difference. Especially if you are traveling for work purposes, it will be very much helpful to have another clock with your destination’s timezone in it.
Malayan Insurance

4. Money

Before you go, make sure to check the current exchange rate to give you an idea on your money’s value and to help you compute your budget as well. If you will be using your debit cards or credit cards, consider calling the bank beforehand to make sure that your cards will work on the destination that you’ll be visiting. Also, consider having local cash on hand always. Keep in mind that not all establishments are accepting cards as a mode of payment.

5. Food

Bring snacks and ready-to-eat food when traveling. Trust me it will come handy. Looking for a place to eat can sometimes be hard, especially if it’s your first time to visit that place. Besides, it could also lessen your expenses, giving you more budget to other things, such as shopping. *insert evil laugh*
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6. Itinerary

It is essential to prepare your itinerary before your trip. In this way, you will be able to plot down the places you want to visit, things you want to do, budget the money, all in order to maximize your trip. Unless you decided to just do nothing for the duration of your whole trip. It would be very much time-consuming if you don’t prepare an itinerary or plan out your activities before your trip.

7. Transportation

When you have an itinerary, you will know the mode of transportation that you’ll be needing to get around the area. Consider doing research for you to familiarize where the stations are or what stops to go to. If you don’t, you might end up spending too much on transportation or booking taxi always which is of course, expensive.
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8. Documents

Not all destinations are visa-free for Filipino citizens. So before you book your tickets, hotel accommodations, and tours, better secure the necessary documents that you need such as a visa.

9. Electronics

Not all countries have the same voltage and size of plugs. For a hassle-free trip, consider doing research on your destination. Better bring charger adaptors for your perusal. Also, don’t forget to bring your powerbank. It is essential when traveling. Check your network’s global capabilities as well. Here in the Philippines, sim cards must be registered for roaming in order to be used abroad. Consider checking it out before you leave.
Malayan Insurance

10. Safety

Above all, always consider your safety when traveling. Always bring basic first aid kit. We never know what will happen during the trip. Also, for your safety and security, you might want to consider getting a travel insurance. There are many travel and health insurance providers available in the Philippines. Malayan Insurance, one of the known insurance provider in the Philippines, offers a travel and health insurance package perfect for the wanderer in you.

Insure to be sure

Malayan Insurance Travel Master offers the most comprehensive travel protection available in the country courtesy of our extensive network of worldwide emergency centers. Consider availing travel insurance for your safety when traveling. Malayan Insurance Travel Master includes Personal Accident coverage, Emergency Medical Treatment, Personal Liability, Recovery of Travel Expenses, Traveling Inconvenience Benefits, and Travel Assistance Benefits. They also have Malayan Insurance Travel Master Lite which has much lower coverages. Protect yourself and have a worry-free travel. Insure to be sure!
Malayan Insurance
Traveling can be fun. But isn’t more fun if you are worry-free and headache-free? Consider these 10 things for smooth and fun travel. For more details about Malayan Insurance, visit www.malayan.com or follow them on Facebook.
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