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Owning a car has a lot of responsibilities. One of which is its monthly maintenance. Just like a child, your car needs tender loving care. Sometimes, your car can be even messy. You can manage a messy car by doing monthly maintenance. Whether you’re going to bring it to a mechanic shop or just DIY, there are things you should consider when maintaining your car.


1.Make sure your tires are in shape

Based on statistics, most car accidents are caused by tire issues. So never ever take those tires for granted. As much as possible, always check the air pressure. Also, for longer use of your tires, always rotate it and check the alignment whenever you do so.



2.Don’t forget to change the oil and check the fluids
It’s advisable to check your oil every month and change it according to your manual. If you drive frequently, your oil might need to be changed earlier than advised. Don’t forget to check the other fluids that your car needs – power-steering, transmission, and brake fluids.


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3.Always test the lights
Never go on the road with a broken bulb. It can lead to an accident if not repaired. Always test the lights before leaving the house.






4.Make sure that the windshield wipers are working
These wipers are very important. Make sure to replace your wipers if not working or you’ll end up having no view of the road.




5.Do regular checkups

Prevent serious car problems like overheating or electrical failure by doing regular checkups on your car like inspecting the exhaust, cleaning the radiator, securing the battery cables, replacing valves and brakes, and more. Much better if you do regular tune-ups to ensure total maintenance.


Don’t hesitate to spend a little for your car’s maintenance. You can save a lot more by doing so than doing it later.

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