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Here’s A Quick Guide On Using doTERRA Essential Oils


Learn about the benefits and uses of doTERRA essential oils, and what makes it different among the others in this quick guide.

Essential oils are becoming an alternative medicine nowadays. Some use it extensively while others are edible. That’s the amazing thing about essential oils. Each one is a natural remedy for a specific type of condition. But the world of essential oils is huge and a bit confusing. Not all are true to what it claims. 

doTERRA is one of the known essential oil brands around the world. It’s an integrative health and wellness company based in Utah and the world leader in the Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils market. doTERRA is a Latin word which means “Gift of the Earth”. They promote their products through multi-level marketing wherein they have over 5-million wellness advocates and customers around the globe. 

beginner's kit
Beginner’s Kit

What makes doTERRA essential oil different among the others?

1. Safe

All natural and therapeutic grade essential oils provide the same natural approach to healthcare and wellness as in many generations. Pure therapeutic grade essential oil ensures that you are using the safest essential oils available, providing you with all the health benefits without side effects or addictions associated with many prescription medications.

2. Pure/Natural

doTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. It’s a plant extract and highly concentrated. It’s 100% natural, no additive, no pesticide, no chemical used.

3. Effective

doTERRA oil has proven to cure lumps, stroke, Bell’s palsy, and even stroke. It can also be used as a solution to skin aging like wrinkles and even hair loss and slimming. 

touch kit
Touch kit

4. Inexpensive

Each bottle of doTERRA oils is natural and pure. If you compare a bottle of wild orange essential oil to a number of wild oranges needed to produce this, you can see that it truly is inexpensive.

5. Food

Some of the doTERRA essential oils can be taken internally, meaning, you can eat it. You can add a few drops directly to your tongue or mix it to your drink or food. 

Ways to use essential oils

With the continued development of essential oils, more and more applications have been used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness. All ways of using essential oils are safe when applied appropriately. Here are the application methods of doTERRA oils.

1. Aromatically

aroma kit
Aroma Kit

Most of the doTERRA oils are aromatic. It’s a great way to elicit powerful physiologic, mental, and emotional responses. The smell receptors quickly absorbed the aromatized essential oils which go to the limbic system via the olfactory nerve. This part of the brain supports a variety of functions including smell, emotions, behavior, and memory, which makes aromatic application powerful method of using essential oils.

You can apply a few drops in your hand and smell it, use a cotton ball, add it in your laundry, mix it in a spray bottle with water, or use a diffuser. 

2. Topically

Another method is the topical application which is known to be very effective because it easily penetrates the skin and gets absorbed. Using a little massage can improve the distribution of the essential oil throughout the body while increasing the blood flow to the area of application. Most beneficial areas for this method are the neck, forehead and temples, chest and abdomen, arms, legs, and soles. When using this method, make sure to avoid your eyes, inner ears, the skin around the eyes, broken skin, and damaged or injured the skin. 

3. Internally

Not all brands produce an edible essential oil. Some of the doTERRA essential oils can be taken internally. The internal use of oils provides a natural way to receive the health benefits your body needs. This type of application method benefits the mouth and throat as well as supports your digestive system and immunity system.

Which essential oil should you use?

Depending on your issues, you can mix and match the doTERRA oils to use for common ailments. Essential oils have many beneficial compounds and therefore provide several benefits in one oil. Just like many medications, sometimes one oil works better for an individual than another. 

family kit
Family kit

How much and how often do I use?

With essential oils, small amounts used more frequently is usually most effective. Adults can use 2-4 drops at a time while children can use 1-2 drops. If your child has sensitive skin, dilute the essential oil with approximately 1 teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil. If you only have minor issues, use a couple of drops every 2-3 hours until no longer needed. If it’s severe or chronic problems, best results are obtained by using several of the suggested essential oils at a time, 2-4 times daily.

kids kit
Kid’s kit

doTERRA offers a wide array of essential oils depending on your need. You can purchase it per bottle or in kit packages. For more information, you may visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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