Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Check Out The Whole New Look Of Eurotel Naga

Eurotel Naga

Eurotel Naga facade

Eurotel Naga relaunched and aims to boost local tourism

Bicol region is about to get a boost in tourism and to keep it up with the demand of local tourism, Eurotel Naga had its grand relaunch aiming to take travel and leisure on another level. Eurotel Naga, one of the leading hotels in the Queen City of Bicol Region, promotes the local industry in greater heights through incorporating its own in-house travel tour.

Love Lokal! Explore the beauty of Bicol.

Love Lokal! Explore the beauty of Bicol.Soon at Eurotel Naga Relaunching on October 25, 2019.See you there! #EurotelHotel #EurotelNaga #WhereServiceandComfortMeet #EurotelNagaRelaunching #LoveLokal #Bicol

Geplaatst door Eurotel HOTEL op Zondag 13 oktober 2019

In-house Tour packages

Featuring five tourist hotspot locations, Eurotel Hotel takes its guests on an exciting and unforgettable experience they will surely treasure. Whether it’s the thrilling ride around Mayon Volcano, island hopping in Caramoan, extreme watersports in CamSur, island escapade in Calaguas, or an up-close and personal encounter with a whale shark, Eurotel’s #LoveLokal tour packages will surely bring summer all-yearlong in your calendars.

“Our main goal is to simply improve the local tourism industry here in Bicol with our own tour packages. We offer the top tourist destinations to the guests for them to truly enjoy what Bicol region has to offer,”

Ms. Sue Geminiano, Marketing Manager cited.

Ideally situated near the central district of Naga City, Eurotel Hotel has been one of the top choices by many tourists visiting Bicol region, since it first opened in October 2013. Almost 100  smartly designed rooms, therapeutic massage services and conveniently located near the business, medical, and commercial district, Eurotel Hotel-Naga caters to every guest from different walks of life.

The hotel also offers a 24/7 wide selection of international cuisine – alongside the best local dishes of Bicol Region and different function rooms to cater to receptions or corporate events. Truly, Eurotel Hotel is a wonder in Naga City, blending superb service and relaxing stay at an exceptional rate thus meeting the demand for unique lodging services.

“Aside from the picturesque tour packages, we’re also proud to bring you the local cuisine of Bicol, filling your stomachs at your heart’s content. Enjoy some of the local’s best delicacies such as the Lokal Naga Ensalada, Pancit Bato, Tinumok (similar to pinangat and laing), Kandingga, and Tinutong na Manok,”

Ms. Sue added.

Eurotel Hotel offers guests a unique cultural and comfortable experience paired with extraordinary service and hospitality. Indeed, Eurotel Naga is the perfect home away from home.

So what are you waiting for? Experience a yearlong summer with Eurotel Naga now. For reservations, call us at (02) 8353-6000. Follow Eurotel on Facebook to get the latest updates and promotions.

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