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With all the developments in technology, there is no doubt that the 21st has indeed arrived. In one way or another, technology helped improve the way we live. There have been massive changes in the way we do things. The so-called “4th Industrial Revolution,” deemed to revolutionize the way industries shape our world concerning new technological discoveries, is now happening.

There are innovations and advancements in technology – artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, bioengineering, renewable energy, and quantum computing. These innovations have profound effects on the many facets of our lives that several years ago were deemed impossible. To be able to take advantage of all these developments, we need to start collaborating to form communities who would nurture each other and prepare the future generation for what the modern times bring.



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Education, as the pillar of what forms a society, has a critical role in making sure everyone are ready to maximize opportunities that the future holds. Every era produces a wave of people with a different mindset and education can make nations thrive during era shifts by nurturing learners with the skills, to push forward. While leveling up programs and techniques are essential, cooperation from different sectors to contribute to learning  the goal of  can be achieved.



No man is an island. That has never been truer especially when we talk about education. The call to assist in character building and information sharing to learners is no longer just limited to educational institutions and teachers. Families, communities,   private industries are encouraged to join this endeavor. Every touch point of up at home, and encounters day,  whole environment and ecosystem contribute to their growth. Through collaborative partnerships among different stakeholders, we a holistic learning experience that would equip future leaders and professionals with the foundation needed to make nations prosper in the 21st century and beyond.



While primary subjects are essential in the formation of a learner, it is in the application that real relevance is built. It is no longer enough to merely know the basics of the, and sciences.  to understand trends, political landscapes, global happenings, and economies. Higher levels of discussion are encouraged to apply theories learned realities.



Breakthroughs are being discovered every day what we know today. Information is available everywhere and it. The future generation should be equipped with the open-mindedness and critical thinking to process this readily available information through different. Innovation and disruption are new ways of thinking. Students of today should be encouraged to do just that to be able to champion the 21st century.


That’s why Partnerships for 21st Century Learning (P21), a recognized global organization aims to be the catalyst for 21st-century learning, created the Framework for 21st Century Learning. It emphasizes that priority should be given to developing learning competencies such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. These learning proficiencies can prepare students for future challenges and opportunities that this new era brings.


REX has continuously enhanced and leveled up to provide the right support to all partners educational institutions, teachers, families, communities, individuals, and governments so they can better assist students to meet the demands of current times. Efforts are currently being to understand their role in shaping the future generation beyond the four walls of the classroom. This is the future that the 21st century brings.


As REX continuously innovates and finds ways to assist the generation for the future, it also poses a challenge to how do you contribute to shaping the future generation? Find out more about the essentials of 21st-century learning and join us in the conversation. Visit their website.

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