Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

We Found The Best Car Cover Materials for Your Classic Car

Check out these best car cover materials.

If you own a luxury, vintage or collector automobile, your storage needs are different from those of the average vehicle owner. Like other drivers, you want to shield yours against exterior damage whether it’s mostly garaged indoors or tucked away in special long-term storage. However, these specific conditions each warrant using a different type of protection. Fortunately, there are many kinds of vintage car covers that supply the exact protection your vehicle needs.


Keeping It Indoors Isn’t Enough

For every indoor storage situation, an ideal cloth car cover exists to keep away dust and accidental dents, nicks, scratches or other harm to your car’s paint job. Auto show enthusiasts will like ViewShield, crafted from a translucent nylon material that forms an outer barrier while letting others still see your prized vehicle.



If your beloved roadster is frequently garaged or remains housed indoors for extended periods, you’ve got a few different solutions at your disposal:


  • Customweave, which stretches to conform to your car’s shape and has a soft lining to keep away nicks and scratches
  • Dustop, a soft and breathable fabric that screens out fine particles while preventing dents and dings
  • Softweave, a breathable soft cotton material with added water repellency


In choosing between Customweave, Dustop and Softweave, you’ll need to consider a few factors. Softweave is a fantastic choice for mostly garaged vehicles that occasionally sit outdoors, while Dustop and Customweave are ideal for indoor parking and storage scenarios where nicks and dents are a risk. Keep in mind that Dustop and Softweave are great choices for automobiles with convertible fabric tops, since they protect without leaving behind a lint residue.



Vintage Car Covers for Indoor Storage

For nearly 30 years, automobile lovers have trusted California Car Company for the best products to keep their machines in excellent condition. For more car care tools, premium-quality covers and interior and exterior accessories, stop by the company’s website today.




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