Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Honda and Forever 21 Join Up for Throwback Apparel Line

forever 21 x honda

Fans of fashion and motorcycles rejoice: the perpetually young clothing line Forever 21 has teamed up with Honda to release a collection inspired by 1980s and 1990s motocross styles. This is an opportunity for younger riders to sport some vintage looks and seasoned riders to feel nostalgic. It only makes sense that vintage Honda fashion is available with how easy it is to order Honda Powersports OEM parts online these days.

What’s Available

The Honda and Forever 21 capsule looks like it comes straight out of the ‘80s and ‘90s. For the men, there are long-sleeved T-shirts in motocross jersey style, eye-popping jackets, pseudo-motocross bottoms, and graphic tees. The women can get their hands on spandex, crop tops, and skirts featuring vintage Honda logos. This collaboration is full of throwback elements but in the freshest of styles.

Expanding the Motorcycle Industry

Some people have questions and complaints about this partnership. One common concern is that younger people will buy these pieces without having any kind of interest in motocross or motorcycles. But it’s important to remember that everyone starts their journey somewhere.

In fact, the goal of Honda in partnering with fashion-giant Forever 21 is to bring new people into the industry. It’s no secret that the younger generations don’t have as much of an interest in motorcycles and motocross and the industry has a lot of catching up to do. This fashion line is just one strategy to bring in a younger audience.

Modern Motorcycle Apparel Has Always Been Fashionable

For those who are upset about motorcycle apparel becoming a fashion statement, it isn’t anything new. Music videos, fashion shows, and live performances have been full of motorcycle leather jackets, gloves, pants, and motocross jerseys for decades.

The motorcycle industry is constantly changing and adapting. You can order motorcycle aftermarket parts and motorcycle tires online. So why not let everyone pick up some vintage gear too?

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