Start your child’s art adventure this summer at I-shine Talent Camp 6 – Art Workshop.

Now on its 6th year, I-Shine Talent Camp 6 started this month, nurturing every child’s gift to workshops – Art, Dance, Engineering, and Music. Mentored by Teacher Kara Escay and Teacher Robert Alejandro, there will be three legs of Art workshop this summer which started last April 9. The Art Camp is divided into two – the Junior class and Senior class. It will soon start its leg 3 on May. In case you haven’t enrolled your child in the workshop yet, here are three reasons why you should do so.
I-Shine Talent Camp 6
I-Shine Talent Camp 6 – Art Workshop Junior Class (Makati)

1. It will help them explore their talents and skills

I-Shine Talent Camp 6 Art Workshop has a lot of activities in stored for your kids to try and enjoy. Through this art journey, a total of 10 sessions, your kids can explore their talents and skills at the same time, develop it. It can also help you identify whether your child has a gift on arts that needs to be nurtured.
I-Shine Talent Camp 6
Warm-up activity

2. It widens their imagination

The art journey, which consists of several activities, can widen your child’s imagination. This imagination allows our child to develop creativity. Besides, exposing your child to arts is better than exposing them in gadgets.
Baby Giant with Teacher Kara

3. It develops their creativity and expression

There are boundless of possibilities in stored for our children when we expose them in art activities. They discover new things and learns to appreciate art which helps develop their creativity. According to studies, exposing your child in arts help increase their verbal ability, expressiveness, reasoning and logical thinking as well as interpreting and understanding. Art can stimulate perception, allowing your kids to use their senses and express themselves.
There are a lot of benefits when you expose your child to art. If you think your child is into arts, just let them be. Don’t stop them but rather support them and nurture their gift. Parents, you still have the chance to enroll your child in i-Shine Talent 6 Art Camp Leg 3. There will be a last leg starting on May 2 in Alabang. Together with Promil I-Shine, let’s nurture your child’s gift. Who knows, your child might be the next Picasso.
To know more about I-Shine Talent Camp 6, visit them on and follow them on Facebook.
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