Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

Beat The Heat With These New Jollibee Jolly Twirl Flavors

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Jollibee Introduced New Jolly Twirl Filipino Flavors

With the continuous rising of temperature, Filipinos find the way to beat the heat with one of their favorite desserts: ice cream. Eaten after meals, in between meals, or as a snack, ice cream has undeniably become a summer staple for millions of Filipinos all over the country.

In time this summer, Jollibee’s Jolly Twirl fans will have something delicious to look forward to — the new Ube Dip Cone Twirl and the signature Halo-Halo Sundae Twirl! With the new and improved Jolly Twirl vanilla soft-serve as the base, these new desserts will definitely thrill taste buds with its thicker and creamier soft-serve topped with delightful Filipino flavors.

Ube Dip Cone Twirl 


The Ube Dip Cone Twirl begins with a perfectly twirled vanilla soft-serve and then dipped into a luscious, indulgent ube coating for a unique combination of creaminess with that gentle, nuanced sweetness and nuttiness.

Halo-Halo Sundae Twirl 


A jolly twist to the classic Pinoy summer treat, the Halo-Halo Sundae Twirl offers a drizzle of ube coating and toppings like red and green nata, sweetened monggo, and banana langka on top of thick and creamy vanilla ice cream. 

“Living in the tropics have made us more likely to crave treats that are both delicious and refreshing during the summer season,” said Kay Segismundo, Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager for Complementary Products. “Jollibee wants to bring classic Filipino flavors we’ve all grown to love like ube and the variety of ingredients in the traditional halo-halo. Combined with the thicker, creamier Jolly Twirl vanilla soft-serve that’s slow-melt, the Ube Dip Cone Twirl and Halo-Halo Sundae Twirl will definitely deliver a summer-sarap experience!” 

Start your summer-sarap experience at Jollibee with our Jolly Twirl with Filipino flavors! The Ube Dip Cone Twirl (P15*) and Halo-Halo Sundae Twirl (P39*) are available in all Jollibee stores nationwide starting April 15, 2019. 

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Prices may vary across different locations.

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