#PrimePinasarapMoments Holiday Workshop For Aspiring Mompreneurs

Mega Prime holds #PrimePinasarapMoments holiday workshop for aspiring mompreneurs

With Christmas fast approaching, moms are getting busy and busy in preparing for the holiday season. Mompreneurs are already starting to think of products to sell this Christmas and to help them prepare, Mega Prime holds a holiday Prime Mom Club Workshop last November 17, especially designed to help moms make their Christmas celebrations extra memorable.
The #PrimePinasarapMoments workshop started with a talk, where mompreneurs shared something about their businesses as well as words of encouragement to the aspiring mompreneurs. One of the speakers was Via Pacheco, one of the founders of Maartsy. She demonstrated how to make holiday trinkets and charms. Attendees got a chance to do it as well while Via does the demo. These handmade crafts may be sold for profit but can also be used to brighten up any Christmas trees.
Another speaker was Chef Mira Cruz, who has a passion for cooking and baking which led her to a successful business enterprise. She taught the attendees how to whip up yummy desserts like pastilles and polvoron using Mega Prime’s high-quality ingredients. These desserts can be either be packaged and sold during Christmas or be a welcome addition in any Christmas spread that will surely be enjoyed by the whole family.
Chef Mira and Marian Rivera
Capturing the commitment of Mega Prime in helping moms improve their skills as homemakers within and beyond the kitchen, the Prime Mom Club offers informative and interactive #PrimePinasarapMoments events every year. Prime Moms enjoy tons of privileges as well as perks like an entrance to Mega Prime exclusive events, a special Prime Mom Club ID, a monthly newsletter featuring exciting recipes, and many chances of receiving gift items and products from Mega Prime.
In this year’s holiday edition workshop, attendees took home some giveaways and raffle items from the following sponsors: Alaska, Clara Ole, Dona Maria, King Sue, Kamuning Bakery, Masflex, and COOK Magazine.
Over the years, Mega Prime has been a partner to all mothers and homemakers, bringing easy-open canned products such as Whole Mushrooms, Pieces and Stems Mushrooms, Whole Kernel Corn, Cream Style Corn, Green Peas, Garbanzos, canned fruits, and canned sweet preserves. They also have sauces/condiments and noodles which they launched recently.
To know more about their products, follow them on Facebook. And if you are interested to join the Prime Mom Club, visit www.primemomclub.com to get special perks as well as endless opportunities.

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