Get Soft, Frizz-Free Straight Hair with Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron

Have a salon-chic hair done at home with Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron

Have you ever experienced ironing your hair but end up making it frizzy and dry? As awful as it may sound, most hair straightening irons does give us frizzy and dry hair after ever passes! The worst part is that sometimes you have to do several passes just to get that straight hair. Novelina, a novel line of hair care and skin care products in the Philippines, recently introduced its newest hair tool that can solve your problem.

Why choose Titanium Iron

Introducing the Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron. This hair iron is made of high quality Nano Titanium mirror-smooth plates that can eliminate static and frizz whenever you iron your hair, leaving it shiny, smooth, and healthy. This type of plate can withstand different hair types — normal, thick or coarse and even unmanageable hair. Did you know that Titanium is a strong, lightweight, low-density metal with high-temperature balance? With these qualities, it can transfer heat quickly and evenly on the surface, as well as allows you to straighten your hair, especially thick hair, easily unlike any other.

Product Specifications

Novelina Professional Titanium Iron has ion-field technology and exclusive infrared heat technology that seals in moisture to give your hair the extra shine and luster. Plus, it can fully adjust its heating temperature up to 230C. With these technologies, it can straighten your hair easily and quickly without burning it or leaving it dry and frizzy. Since its a Titanium iron, it has high-strength ultra lightweight body, very much lighter than the usual ones. It also has 360-degree swivel cord for easier use. You can easily bring it and use it anytime, anywhere. Plus, it’s heavy duty so you don’t have to worry if your want to use it frequently.
Actual photo of the product

About the brand

Novelina is novel line of hair care and skin care products in the Philippines that aims to defy age and redefine beauty. Their products has special Japanese formulations from extensive research and development that incorporates both newest ingredients and latest technologies. Novelina guarantees quality, efficacy, and safety in all of their products.
Aside from hair straightening, you can also do other hairstyle like curls. You can avail the Novelina Professional Titanium Hair Iron online at for only PHP3,250. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and have a great hair day! Visit their website and follow them on Facebook to know more about Novelina.

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