Keep your files safe in these hard drives from Lazada.

As a blogger, we tend to have lots of files, from photos to videos and even our articles. It’s part of our job to keep these files even after using or posting it. Who knows when it’ll come in handy again. Even if you’re not a blogger, maybe a professional or employee or businessman perhaps, who regularly have files in their devices like documents or maybe photos/videos as well, having a separate storage for your files is a must. Let me give you three reasons why you should back up your files regularly.


1.More storage space

Having your files stored on your laptops/computers alone can consume almost the whole storage of your devices which may result in a slower function of your device. Having an external hard drive can give you more storage on your device while still keeping those important files of yours on a separate storage.






2. Safety of your files

Having your files stored on your devices is also risky. You might end up losing those files either because of virus or technical problem. Backing up your files on a separate storage can give you ease as it will be safely kept on your hard drive. Just make sure to take care of this hard drive of yours.




3. Keep your old/important files

Backing up your files regularly also means keeping all your old files/important files. You won’t need to put it on trash and worry when you suddenly need it. You can keep everything if you want to or just keep what you think you’ll still need in the future.

It’s important to back up your files regularly whether you’re a blogger like us or not.  In case you’re wondering what hard drives you should buy, check out these hard drives from Lazada –WD My Passport Ultra 2017, Transcend 1TB StoreJet M3, and the Toshiba Canvio Ready 1TB Portable Hard drive. You can get it at a discount when you shop during the Lazada Online Revolution Sale plus get free shipping with no sign-ups needed.

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