Sharp is changing the world with 8k and AIoT

Known for its world-class, innovative products, Sharp continuously strives to meet the needs and wants of its consumers. Recently, Sharp Philippines Corporation proudly introduced the first-ever AIoT (Internet of Things) and 8k products. They also launched the start of their “locally made products for the Love Philippines campaign.
Sharp Philippines
Mr. Yoshihiro Hashimoto (Middle) and Mr. Toshio Kawata (Right)

What is 8K and AIoT?

8K is a revolutionary technology for ultra-high definition images with 16 times the resolution of full-HD (1920×1080 pixels). It reproduces images at ultimate reality, with ultra-fine details even the naked eye cannot capture.
Sharp Philippines


In 2017, Sharp released the world’s first 8K display to the B2C market and is currently distributed to China, Japan, Taiwan, and European Market. This month, Toshio Kawata, Deputy General Manager TV System Business Unit of Sharp Corporation announced the release of Sharp’s AQUOS 8K LED TV in the Philippines which will be on the end of year 2018.
“Apart from displaying TV broadcasts and other media contents, 8K will dramatically impact many aspects of our lives: medical, business, security, education, transportation, and many more”, Kawata elaborated.

Advance Technology Products

In addition to the AQUOS 8K LED TV, Sharp Philippines also introduced the Super Premium IoT Inverter Air conditioner which redefines the way consumers experience cooling. The product has three outstanding features – Airflow Technology, Super Energy Saving and Smart Control using IoT functions which can be controlled using IOS and Android devices under WiFi connection. It also has J-Tech Inverter technology which makes it energy-efficient and Plasmacluster Ion Technology that clears the air from bacteria, viruses, mold and other contaminants.
Sharp Philippines
Above all these new technologies, Sharp Philippines is also set to launch a campaign that highlights locally-made appliances which include LED TV, washing machines, video and electric fans. They believe that through this campaign, they will be able to help improve the economy of the Philippines and at the same time inspire the Filipinos to support local that will result a stronger economy.
With these and more, Sharp Philippines become game changers of this industry, continuously innovating revolutionary technologies. To know more about Sharp Philippines, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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