Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Shopping Finds Below 1000-Pesos at Tutuban Center

Tutuban Center

Tutuban Center Php1000 Shopping Challenge

Many of us, I believe, have gone shopping with a certain budget to spend. But sometimes, we go beyond our budget because of the unexpected things that we find. Recently, I did a shopping challenge with only Php1000 to spend at Tutuban Center. Known as Divisoria’s Top Shopping Destination, Tutuban Center is one of the oldest commercial centers in Manila and home to affordable goods. Even with only Php1000 to spend, you could still get much more with all the affordable finds available in the mall.

History of Tutuban Center

Just a bit of a background, Tutuban Center is a heritage building where the old train station, which is now situated in front of it, was built. The mall underwent a lot of renovations but still preserved its beauty and history. As of today, the mall has two buildings – Main Station and Prime Block. Retail stores and restaurants can be found in the Main Station while wholesale stores are located at Prime Block.

Shopping Finds

For the challenge, we were asked to shop anything that we want as long as it falls in the given categories and is within the given Php1000 budget. The given categories were school supplies, toys, and fashion finds. Below are the things you can buy in Tutuban below Php1000.
1. School Bags
Whether you’re looking for shoulder bags or backpacks, you can find one in Tutuban Center. I got one shoulder bag and one backpack both for only Php150 each. Cheap but good!
2. Clothes
There are a lot of stalls selling affordable yet good quality clothes at the Prime Block. I bought one pants for my sister which costs around Php 200. But what caught my attention during my visit was the thrift store. I found two branded skirts which cost Php35 each only! Three blouses for Php 100 only. Such great finds!
3. Toys
You can also find a lot of toys in the mall perfect for gifting. I found this certain store in Main Station that sells toys as low as Php10. I bought 10 different toys for my nephew.
4. Pouch/Coin Purse
Also perfect for gifting, I bought three pouches for only Php100. I’m gonna give it to my friends for Christmas (early Christmas shopping, LOL).
5. Footwear
There are a lot of footwear being sold in Tutuban Center. From shoes to sandals to slippers, you can find a lot of these, especially at the Prime Block. Since my budget is only Php1000, I just bought a pair of slippers which costs Php50 only.
All in all, I was only able to spend Php820 out of the Php1000 budget for the shopping challenge. How about you? What do you always buy or looking forward to buying in Tutuban Center? I actually have a lot of things on my shopping list and things I unexpectedly found and wanted to buy. I’ll just come back next time and hoard (LOL!). To know more about Tutuban Center, please do follow them on Facebook.

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