Traffic jam has been a nightmare to all Filipinos for decades, especially to those in the city. Be it a commuter or people who owned private vehicles, traffic jam spares no one. It consumes most of our day and it’s even longer than our typical 8-hour work. This is caused by the ever-increasing number of vehicles, sometimes road accidents, and unexpected roadworks.




As a commuter myself, I’ve encountered traffic for almost my entire life. Even if you’re not in Metro Manila, other nearby cities are also having traffic jams nowadays. Below are the top 3 things I personally encountered during traffic jams.


1.Bladder Problems

Didn’t you ever wonder why you always experience bladder problems during traffic? That moment where you would wish that there’ll be a gasoline station nearby. For commuters, some would rather go down even if it’s not their destination yet.



2. You get hangry

Don’t you get hungry when you’re stuck in traffic? Especially after work, you’re excited to have dinner at home but then you’re stuck in the traffic? So, you then get hangry (hungry+angry) instead of excited. And you’ll wish that you should have bought something to eat before you go home.



3. Mood swings

Who doesn’t get mood swings during traffic? You get annoyed knowing that you can’t do anything once you’re in the middle of a traffic jam. Either you’re late for work, meeting, or event. Traffic somehow ruins your morning and even you’re evening. As a blogger, traffic is my number 1 enemy especially when I have several events to attend to in a day. I had to commute from one event to another. Lucky me if the event venues are near to each other.



Traffic sucks, isn’t? If there is anything else that you experienced when you’re stuck in traffic, share it in the comment section below. Also, if you have any ideas that you think we can do during traffic, share it also in the comment section below.

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