Zoobic Night Safari, the first and only night safari in the Philippines!

Are you curious about how the wildlife is at night? Bring your family and friends on an exotic yet captivating evening educational tour at Zoobic Night Safari. Awaken your senses as it will be a night of excitement and enchantment together with the animals from big cats to flying ones, in their natural habitats. Last October 28, Tag Media and Zoobic Safari invited us to witness the relaunch of Zoobic Night Safari.
Zoobic Night Safari
Facade of Zoobic Safari
Zoobic Night Safari
The Blogger Beshies at Zoobic Safari
Step into a majestic twilight sanctuary together with the greyhound dogs as the much awaited Zoobic Night Safari explore you in the Enchanting Forest. For a series of roaring nights of fun, visit Zoobic Safari’s classic attractions such as Serpentarium, Tiger Safari, Croco Loco, and Zoobic Park where the whole group will definitely enjoy. You may also opt to visit the zoo during daytime to try some rides and activities prior to the night safari tour.
Zoobic Night Safari
Entrance of Greyhound Walk at Enchanted Forest
Zoobic Night Safari
Kerwin of Mr. Pogi Tips with the greyhound
Zoobic Night Safari
Aeta in the Enchanted Forest
Ride in a bright and colorful tram as you tour around the vicinity of Zoobic Night Safari. Witness how these interesting animals live at night in their natural habitat while riding the tram.
Zoobic Night Safari
Entrance to Croco Loco
Zoobic Night Safari
Blogger Beshies with Zoomanity Group’s CEO, Mr. Yupangco
End your tour with a very entertaining show featuring a series of presentations prepared the whole Zoobic Safari staff, including the Aetas, and animal parade that will surely growl your mind away. You should definitely not leave the premises without watching the show plus, there’ll be a raffle where you will get to take home a plush toy and tickets for free!
Zoobic Night Safari
Zoobic Safari staff performing at the animal parade


Zoobic Night Safari
Bloggers and Zoobic Safari staff together with Zoomanity Group’s CEO, Mr. Yupangco
Watch out for more animals, new activities, events, attractions and other surprises. Experience a more comfortable, safe, extravagant way of camping as Zoomanity Group brings you the GlampZ (glamping) and Trailer Homes. Don’t forget to like Zoomanity Group’s official Facebook Page to get exciting discounts and freebies.
Zoobic Night Safari
Zoon To Open – GlampZ
Zoobic Night Safari
Bloggers at Zoobic Safari
For inquiries, you may contact Zoomanity Group at 847-0413 or 899-9824. You may also text them at 0927-5899696 or visit their website at www.zoomanity.com.ph.
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