Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

World Sleep Day: A Sound Sleep To Nurture Life

Sleep is currently one of the easiest things to give up by a lot of hardworking individuals.

They would rather work late hours and finish the task that is required from them and miss on hours to no sleep at all. This could affect one’s health, as those who are getting less sleep could suffer from stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic illnesses.

On the other hand, people suffering from insomnia are most likely to manifest symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can ultimately affect their performance and their relationships. In short, when sleep fails, health declines along with the quality of life.



As the country’s, Sleep Specialist, Uratex takes it as a responsibility to promote sound sleep among Filipinos with their lineup of innovative and technology-rich products that could equip people with the sleep comfort that they desire. Uratex also celebrates World Sleep Day (WSD) by strengthening its campaigns in spreading awareness among fellow Filipinos that good, healthful, and superior sleep is always needed in recharging their bodies, after a whole day of doing stressful and strenuous activities. Because Uratex believes that whenever an individual gets a good night sleep, they could have a good day ahead, and in the long run, a good life.



The World Sleep Day celebrations have been gathering some momentum around the world and have reached many people who are challenged with issues related to sleep, brought about by stressful habits and unhealthy work lifestyles. This activity by the World Sleep Society was spearheaded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and World Sleep Federation. WSD aims to promote sleep health worldwide, and this year marks its 10th year. “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life” is this year’s theme for WSD, which focuses on how better sleep could give people and their bodies a chance to nurture and recover itself from stress, and ultimately nurture their lives.


Uratex Premium offers an extensive lineup high quality and innovative products that could provide the perfect sleep solutions that could cater to specific needs. Uratex Premium has the first in the market and smart innovation, the Orthocare Biorhythmic which helps in the reduction of stress from pressure points during sleep. They also have the Senso Memory Ultima Plus that is infused with hydrogel beads that allow a refreshingly cooler sleep. Their Premium Touch Romance awakens the senses for a more rewarding evening for couples. And lastly, the Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh keeps the sleeping ambiance fresh and odor free.


As World Sleep Day spreads its reach across the islands of the Philippines, Uratex believes that their sleep solutions would be at the forefront of promoting overall health and wellness. They hope that with their continuous effort in spreading the message of World Sleep Day, more Filipinos would see the benefits of sleeping soundly in nurturing not just their own lives, but also lives of their families as well.

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