10 Winners of Sun Life Foundation’s Brighter World Builder Challenge

Sun Life Foundation Announced The Brighter World Builder Challenge Winners

Early this year, Sun Life Foundation partnered with The Spark Project to search and fund financial literacy projects for 2018 in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Out of 49 applications, Sun Life Foundation chose 20 participants to join the Social Impact Bootcamp. From there, they picked the 10 winning entries of its Brighter World Builder Challenge.



Brighter World Builder Challenge
Photo from The Spark Project’s Facebook Page


“One of the core pillars of Sun Life Foundation is education, and the Brighter World Builder Challenge was launched because we wanted to give recognition to individuals and groups who have programs in place that teach Filipinos about the importance of financial literacy,” said Alex Narciso, President of Sun Life Foundation.

“Our 10 winners have indeed shown that is through creativity and innovation that we are able to encourage Filipinos to be more financially savvy and to become more financially secure,” he added.


EmpoWomen PH

Organized by women for women, EmpoWomen PH is a non-profit organization that aims to help the displaced women of Marawi and their families through a three-phase project – capacity building, networking and linkages, and micro-enterprise development to give them a sustainable source of income.


Change For A Life

A campaign initiated by The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI), Change For A Life aims to help families with lower income to manage their finances that will fit their expenses and save money.


Pitaka Ko: A Learning & Savings Journal for Kids

Designed by Roxanne Navarro, Pitako Ko is an interactive and creative learning and savings journal for kids ages 8-15 years old.



The Philippines’ First Localized Virtual Savings Tracking App, COINscious JUAN is created to promote the importance of being conscious of one’s spending habits.


Bin Stalk

A non-profit program designed by Domyson Dulay Abuan, Bin Stalk is created for the community of Malaban, aiming to teach students of Malaban Elementary School financial literacy and proper waste management.





Young Savers: Experiential Learning To Financial Literacy

An organization that teaches the children of Mano Amiga Academy from the lower end of the socio-economic ladder the value of financial responsibility through project-based learning.



Financial and Life Opportunities for Women or FLOW Inc. is an organization that focuses on giving practical finance education for marginalized and average social class women.


Children of Sugar Cane Farmers in Bacolod

A non-profit program that is designed to teach the children of sugar cane farmers in Bacolod City about the financial opportunities open to them to uplift their families’ lives.


Budget Squad Manila

Making budgeting fun, Budget Squad Manila is a social enterprise that designed personal finance tools like planners and expense tracker which aims to teach good money management skills and financial literacy to Filipinos. They seek to inspire, guide and motivate Filipinos to live a life with proper personal finance ideals.





Kids Who Save (KHuSA)

Putting the fun in financial literacy, KHuSA is a social venture that produced a game-based learning for Filipino children, designed to simplify the concept of financial literacy through different learning experiences. Their first tool for financial literacy is Hangarin which is a board game that aims to teach the value of saving, wise spending and investing in kids aged 9 to 12 years.





All 10 winners were granted a fund worth Php 100,000 from Sun Life Foundation and crowdfunding support from The Spark Project. To know more about the winners of the Brighter World Builder Challenge, follow Sun Life Foundation and all of the mentioned campaigns/organizations/businesses on Facebook.


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