2019 Thailand Festival Seasons Travel Guide For Starters

Here’s a quick guide to experience the Thailand festival all year-round

Culture-filled and historic, Thailand is one of the best destinations to visit in Southeast Asia. From its shimmering temples, tropical beaches and bountiful table, Thailand surely has a lot of #THAImazing experiences to offer.  

wat arun temple bangkok thailand
Wat Arun Temple

Some places appeal best to travelers at certain times of the year. In Thailand, there’s always a time and place where you can immerse yourself in a wonderful experience. One of which is a Thailand festival. These festivals will offer you a glimpse of the Southeast Asian kingdom’s long history and vibrant culture. 

Asian woman sitting on stone in Amazing View point in Nangyuan Island.
Nangyuan Island

All year round, there’s a festival in every corner where you can experience the best of Thailand’s culture, cuisine, hospitality, and other aspects of everyday life giving you a full experience of the Land of Smiles. If you’re planning to visit Thailand this year, here’s a quick travel guide of Thailand Festival seasons.

Pattaya International Music Festival

fireworks at Pattaya

Happening on March 14-16, this international music festival is one of the world’s largest beach festivals. Music artists from Thailand and around the world perform along the stretch of the Pattaya beach road, allowing the crowd to party from sundown to midnight. 

Songkran Festival

children playing foam during Thailand festival

Expect to stay drenched for three days as Songkran Festival marks the start of the traditional Thai New Year on April 13-15. During this festival, people all over Thailand engage in an ultimate water fight, so you better be armed with a bucket or a water gun to join the fun. If you want to take part, the best places to celebrate this festival are at Bangkok’s Khao San Road, Chiang Mai, and Ayutthaya.

Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival

man carving wax

If you’re into arts and history, Ubon Ratchathani Candle Festival is one that you shouldn’t miss. In commemoration of Asahna Bucha, a Buddhist event where Buddha delivered his first sermon, the festival puts a spotlight on the work of local artisans — elaborate candles, wax carvings, and decorated floats. It is held at the beginning of Khao Pansa, the Buddhist Lent, which falls on the month of July.

Loy Krathong

Floating light up sky

Join the crowd in lighting a lotus-shaped candlelit containers float down the river as the crowd celebrates the Loy Krathong Festival or Thai Festival of Lights. Happening on November 13, the festival is held during the first full moon of the traditional Thai Lunar calendar’s 12th month. One of the best places to celebrate it is at Chiang Mai, where it coincides with the lantern festival called Yee Peng.

Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival

pad thai
Favorite Thai fried noodle food name Pad Thai

Started in 2014, this annual arts, music, and lifestyle festival brings together the arts, eco-living, and music at The Fields at Siam Country Club in Pattaya. You can watch musical acts, visit art installations, attend wellness activities and feast on local cuisines by renowned chefs in the Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival. A four-day long festival happening on December 12-16, this festival will surely be a great year-end trip worth remembering. 

These are just a few of the things you can do in Thailand throughout the year. There are still a lot more choice of months and places to go to. Whether you’re going for a solo trip, a barkada adventure, a honeymoon, or a family holiday, there’s a festival for you to experience. To know more about Thailand and its events, visit their website or follow them on Facebook

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