Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Introducing Canva For Education, A Free Platform For Schools

Canva for Education empowers students to create and communicate their learning visually.

Canva for Education empowers students to create and communicate their learning visually.

Canva launches its newest platform — Canva For Education — for teachers and students all over the world

According to the 2019’s Digital Internet Trends report, the global growth of visual content has been accelerated by image-based digital platforms, fueled by the adoption of social media. Since 2013, Canva has been empowering everyone to design anything with its online design platform. This year, the popular online design platform announced the global launch of its newest platform, Canva for Education, at the first educational technology industry show of the year, Bett, in London.

What is Canva for Education?

It’s a free product, for both teachers and students, all over the world that aims to empower the education sector, building visual literacy in students and facilitates project-based learning. 

“With Canva for Education, teachers and students are provided a platform for project-based learning. The free access to the tool will also make creating classroom materials even more convenient for teachers. Utilizing our classroom-friendly templates relevant to specific learning goals also allows them to save time and effort,”

said Yani Hornilla-Donato, Philippines Country Manager at Canva.

How does Canva for Education benefit students?

Canva’s Director of Product Georgia Vidler believes that it’s vital to invest in education because students are our future. As we all know, the ability to interpret, communicate and present ideas visually is critical for students to thrive in today’s world and tomorrow’s workforce. With Canva’s premium features, plus add-ons such as education-specific content and templates, an all-new collaboration space, a review workflow, version history plus much more; students will be empowered to create and communicate their learning visually through posters, worksheets, and animated presentations.

“It’s vital we invest in education – students are our future. We need to do whatever we can to give them the tools they need to stay ahead. Students today are born in image-saturated environments – the era of internet, digital technologies and touchscreens. Through Canva for Education we are doing our bit to help educators teach visual, digital and design literacy to ensure each and every student is well-equipped for their future,”

explained Vidler.

How does Canva for Education benefit the teachers?

As Vidler stated, Canva for Education is a “one-stop-shop” for creating and collaborating in the classroom. It aids educators and school administration to create teaching material, event posters, infographics, and reports – just to name a few.

Creating classroom materials using Canva For Education allows teachers to save time and effort
Creating classroom materials using Canva For Education allows teachers to save time and effort

Canva for Education Features

  • Canva Pro – which includes access to millions of premium images, fonts, videos and templates
  • access to an all-new collaboration space for the whole class to design and discuss in one place
  • folders to manage content and to keep track of progress
  • version history
  • animations to help bring student creations to life
  • more educational-specific content
  • a review workflow for teachers to give students feedback 
  • peace of mind as Canva for Education is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • a whole new raft of add-ons perfectly aligned to everyday learning including Google Drive, Google Slides, YouTube, Giphy, Websites, and PowerPoint presentations
  • In partnership with Google for Education, the Canva for Education platform has integrations with Google Classroom and Google sign-in methods for class setup

“We are very excited to welcome Canva as a Google for Education Partner and include Canva in the Chromebook App Hub. Enabling the use of Canva for Education will provide a seamless, free experience and unleash the creative potential of students on Chromebooks. Canva has deeply integrated with Google across the platform including Google sign-in, integrations with Google Maps and Google Drive, and optimizing for touch Chrome devices.

There are 40 million teachers and students actively using Google Classroom. Canva for Education enables teachers to import Classroom class lists to manage their classes globally and has also enhanced classroom collaboration through the development of a dedicated Google Classroom share button,”

stated Emma Fish from Google for Education.

With the number of Canva users around the world compounding daily, the development of this offering was not only in response to the needs of educators as a whole but also aligned with the organization’s most important core value – to be a force for good in the world. Get started and register a free Canva for Education account for your school today at

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