Canva Philippines – One Of The Best Workplaces in PH

Canva Philippines Recognized As One Of The Best Workplaces in PH

The famous online design platform, Canva, was named among the Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work Philippines. It is the only startup to make it to the list and ranked on top 3. Others in the top 5 were Synchrony Global Services Philippines, DHL Express, Icon Hilton, and Ingram Micro.
Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture trusted by many companies and organizations around the world. They rank companies according to their high-performing culture, trust in their managers, and how employees take pride and joy in the work that they do. Guided by its values — be a force for good, empower others, pursue excellence, be a good human, make complex things simple, and set crazy big goals — Canva has put its employees’ wellbeing as a top priority to encourage them to deliver work that creates meaningful impact in the lives of their partners and communities.
“This recognition gives us a sense of fulfillment that we are on the right track of providing a healthy and sustainable workplace,” said Canva Philippines Country Manager Yani Hornilla Donato.

One of the fastest-growing startups

In 2019, Canva announced its valuation of US$3.2 billion, making it one of the fastest growing startups in the world. Donato added, “At a time when startups continue to be on the rise, this only goes to show that we can provide a fulfilling workplace to our employees and that we are here to stay”

How Canva adjusted in the “new norm”

The onset of COVID-19 also motivated Canva Philippines to show that workplace culture goes far beyond the physical workplace. As a high-growth start-up, it leveraged its adaptable and agile teams to get the job done. In return, Canva remains committed to safeguarding not only its employees’ livelihood but also their health and wellness.
Working from home means they have doubled down on communicating through video conferences and Slack channels. The clubs they have at work have been uploaded into virtual communities they can tune in to such as a make-up tutorial group, and deskcersise group. They have also retained the jobs of their in-house chef and baristas and have provided a channel where they show simple recipes with basic ingredients and brewing coffee from home.
In addition to this, each employee has been provided with food and internet allowance; pocket wifi units were also given out to aid remote work. Those who were recently from overseas were also provided with hotel accommodation to delay physical contact with their families.
Prior to the quarantine, Canva Philippines was already proactive in going the extra mile for its Canvanauts by encouraging their passions with activities such as movement corner, chair yoga, and even table tennis. Canva’s latest recognition only goes to show that it pays for companies to invest in its people.
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