Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Dermclinic NuShape Will Help You Achieve Your Summer Goals

Bid goodbye to stubborn fats with Dermclinic’s NuShape

Is there a point in your life when you want to buy a certain piece of outfit that you really love but ended up not buying it because it doesn’t fit you? Or wanted to show off your body but you don’t have the guts to do so because you’re not confident with your body shape? Cheer up! I found the solution to our problem. Dermclinic’s NuShape can help us get back in shape. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true because I, myself, tried it.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ashamed on being fat nor agrees with #bodyshaming. I believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, even colors. I love my body, I really do. I just feel more confident having a slimmer body (or tummy), that’s why I took the leap. I did three (3) sessions of NuShape in my tummy area which started last March.

History of Dermclinic

In case you don’t know, Dermclinic was established by Dr. Vinson B. Pineda as a way of bringing easily accessible dermatological services by pioneering the concept and trend of mall-based skin and hair care clinics which are widely popular nowadays. The first-ever clinic was opened in 1971 on a commercial space in front of University of Santo Tomas in Manila.
Facade of Dermclinic SM City Bacoor
As time goes on, their services became widely known, making them open more branches around the Metro. Due to its significant growth, they were able to established DermPharma, Inc., an ISO-certified manufacturing company developing breakthrough products such as their well-known skincare product lines – Dermplus, Gluta White & Firm, NuDerm, and many more.
Fast forward to this year, Dermclinic is now one of the country’s largest chains of mall-based dermatological centers with 16 branches in key cities.

What is NuShape?

NuShape is a non-invasive scientific procedure that utilizes the latest in ultrasound technology known as cavitation. NuShape is supremely effective for eliminating fat in the body, reducing cellulites, and contouring the body shape. This is best partnered with the Thermaviv (Radio Frequency Treatment) service to tighten and firm the skin.
NuShape starts at P5,000 per session and is available at Dermclinic branches in SM Bacoor, SM Megamall, SM Manila, SM Mall of Asia, SM Dasmariñas, SM Bicutan, SM Cebu, Alabang Town Center and The Link, Ayala Makati. This body contouring service caters to 18-year-olds and above.

What is the treatment procedure?

I had the treatment in my tummy area. Before the first treatment, there was a consultation with the resident doctor where I opened up my concerns. After the consultation, I then proceeded to the treatment room.
Before the treatment
We first measured my current waistline (80-90-100) then started with the procedure itself. The nurse applied a cold slimming gel in my tummy then started massaging my tummy using the LipoSlim machine. It’s not that painful. You will feel the heat a little bit and hear a beeping sound from time to time. The procedure will lasts about 45-minutes to 1-hour.
During treatment
After the procedure, the nurse then applied a cream in my tummy and it’s done. Since the procedure was done in my tummy, the eliminated fats will be removed through peeing. Better if you pee right after the procedure. After which, we then again measured my waistline (79-90-99). I lose 1cm on both upper and lower part of my waist.
With the assigned Dermclinic Nurse Mae.

Things to do before and after the treatment

1.Do not eat an hour before your treatment.
2.Refrain from drinking cold drinks for 4-hours after your treatment.
3.Also, do not eat for 4-hours after your treatment.
4.You can’t do the treatment if you’re on your period.

Does NuShape really works?

YES! You’ll lose a few centimeters right after the treatment. Better results can only be seen if you match it with proper diet and exercise just like what I did. I only eat half cup of rice a day to no rice at all for my diet. I still eat anything I want except after 6pm. Never ever stop yourself from eating. Depriving yourself will only make you eat more. For exercise, I only walk about a hundred meters or more everyday as my exercise. Two weeks after my second session, I lose 5kg. Yes, 5kg!! Also, upon checking on my waistline before the 2nd session, I found out that a lose a few centimeters as well (78-89-92). It’s a big achievement for me already. After the last session, I lose another centimeters on some areas (78-88-91).
This is me after my NuShape sessions. Slimmer and more confident! Happy to say #HelloSummer with Dermclinic.
All in all, it was a great slimming procedure especially if you want to achieve that summer body goal of yours. I’m planning to have the treatment done on my arms and thighs as well soon to complete my #SummerGoals. How about you? Do you want to get rid of your stubborn body fats and achieve your #SummerGoals? Visit Dermclinic today!
For inquiries, please do contact Dermclinic directly: 817-FACE (3223). You may also visit their website ( for more details. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for promos and updates.

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