Eats Bicol!

It’s almost been a week since my quick trip to Bicol and I’m still having a hangover with their awesome hot dishes. Bicolanos are known of first, with their lovely perfect cone-shaped volcano, and second, their appetite for spicy foods.

And since I also love spicy foods, I tried some of their famous dishes and visited some of the well-known restaurants in the area, specifically in Albay.

1. LAING from Oriental Hotel (Spicy Level: 1 РNot So Spicy)photo 4

2. WINGS OF FIRE (Buffalo Wings) from 1st Colonial Grill (Spicy Level: 3 Р Traditional/Regular Hotness)photo 3

3. Bicol Express from 1st Colonial Grill (Spicy Level: 2 – Mild)photo 2

4. Sili Ice Cream Level 1 from 1st Colonial Grill (Spicy Level: 4 – A Little Bit Stingy)
photo 4

Aside from these dishes, I also tried some non-spicy foods like Pili Ice Cream, which by the way tasted like caramel ice cream, as well as kalabasa (squash) ice cream, pancit and sandwiches from known restaurants in Albay. If only I could stay a little bit longer, I would love to visit more restaurants and try more local dishes.

photo 5
Pili Ice Cream
photo 1
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