Going To Macau Soon? Here’s How You Can Experience Macau For Free

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Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you are going to Macau. There’s a lot of ways for you to experience Macau for free. Yes, you read it right! FOR FREE! And no, it’s not a scam or trick or whatever. This is actually based on my experience during my third visit to Macau. I’ve been here 10 years ago, and it was my first time to go there without my family. There are a lot of changes, I didn’t even recognize it the moment the airplane has landed, but its beauty is still the same. Even better!



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Known to be the “Vegas of Asia”, Macau is a small country occupied by several hotel-casinos. Since it’s just a small country, you could probably see the whole place in just a week or two. And within those span of time, you can already do a lot of activities which includes FREE things that you can do when you visit Macau. Below are the things my friend, Aleli of Travel with Bes, and I did for free in Macau.


1.Visit the hotel-casinos in Macau

As long as you are not a minor, you can go for a hotel-hopping experience. Almost all hotels and casinos in Macau offer a free shuttle ride to and from the airport, ferry terminal, and some even to and from other hotels and casinos. And since most of it are just located next to each other, you could just walk from one hotel-casino to another. Most of the hotel-casinos has a mall inside. You can tour inside, take touristy photos, and even witness some cool shows for free. Don’t forget to grab free bottles of water inside the casino!


2. Food Tasting

If you are planning to visit the famous Ruins church, you can find a lot of food stalls along the way. These food stalls offer free food tastings. Never leave Macau without trying the following local delicacies – the beef jerky, egg tart, peanut bar and almond cookies. These are the most sought-after food and pasalubong, so you better not miss it. Almost every store in the area offers a free taste.  So if you are hungry and up for a food trip, visit San Malo and Ruins Church.

3. Try the cable car ride at Wynn Palace

In case you don’t know, almost every hotel-casino has an activity to offer. One of which is the cable car ride at the Wynn Palace. And yes, you can try this cable car ride for free (one way only)! Not bad! The cable car will drop you off at the hotel’s entrance. At night, you can witness a fantastic fountain show at their performance lake which is 28 meters below the cable car line. By the way, Wynn Palace is a luxury resort located in Cotai, Macau.


4.  Visit Macau’s themed entertainment complex

Perfect for your #ootd shot, visit Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. It is the largest leisure and themed entertainment complex in Macau. Here you can see wonderful European-themed architectures that are perfect for that shot. It doesn’t have entrance fee so you can go there and stroll for free! It’s located just in front of Sands Casino, a few minutes away from Macau Ferry Terminal. If you have a budget, there are restaurants and shopping stalls around the area.


5. Visit the famous tourist attractions

You haven’t been to Macau if you didn’t visit these famous tourist attractions – the Macau Tower, The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, and San Malo. These places can be visited for free! No entrance fees, etc. Some of them can be visited through hotel shuttles plus a few walks, since it’s located near hotel-casinos. I suggest that you visit these places early in the morning to avoid the crowd, especially in the Ruins church. There are more tourist attractions that you can visit in Macau but has entrance fees.

These are the five free things that you can do in Macau. So if you wanna save some bucks during your trip or want to spend more on shopping and food, try these activities and experience Macau for free.


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