Send Your Donations Via GCash App With GCash For Good

GCash introduced GCash For Good, a partnership with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) 

To further develop the GCash app into a more socially relevant and sustainable platform, Globe Fintect Innovations Inc. (Mynt) launches its corporate social responsibility arm — the GCash For Good. It aims to help address issues across different levels of society. Thanks to its scale and innovative digital platform, GCash is well-equipped to become a springboard for donations to Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). 

“We have always strived to build a better financial ecosystem in the Philippines, and as a socially responsible corporate citizen, we want to leverage on our strength as a digital platform to help others create a better country moving forward,” said Mynt President Anthony Thomas. 

GCash For Good
Ney Villasenor, VP & Head of Corporate Communications Group

GCash for Good

Users can now use the GCash app to donate to various groups to create an impact on society with the GCash for Good feature. A platform for generosity, this allows GCash to be more inclusive and open platform that will help create opportunities for millions of Filipinos. According to a study by Global Trends in Giving, 54% of the individuals prefer to donate online, while the total volume of donations made online grew by a strong 12.1% in 2017. With the GCash for Good feature, people can now skip the long queues and processes, giving them more time to focus on their daily lives.

“Our purpose of creating GCash for Good lies in our ardent desire to encourage generosity among Filipinos. We want to create more opportunities to allow people to give to and give back to the communities,” Thomas said. 

GCash for Good
GCash For Good partners

The Green Agenda

Not only it’s a platform for generosity but also a platform for green agenda. GCash for Good partnered with Bantay Kalikasan, Harrison Foundation, World Wildlife Fund for Nature, and the Forest Foundation Philippines for its initial launch. This aims to develop financial sustainability mechanisms that would strengthen biodiversity conservation efforts for these partnered organizations.

It also plans to proactively join campaigns that call for a ban on waste imports, deforestation, and waste incineration. With this partnership, GCash is pushing for a greener Philippines, recognizing the huge impact that the environment has in the daily lives of the Filipinos.

GCash For Good

“We have shared vision of creating a lasting, long-term positive impact on the environment. With joined hands, we promise to be strong government partners in achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations,” Thomas said.

Aside from this, GCash will also be a platform for volunteerism as they aim to invite the Mynt employees to practice their advocacies and become partners for the change that it envisions.

Together, let’s make a difference with GCash for Good. For more details, follow them on Facebook or visit their website. 

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