Gelare: The Newest Dessert Cafe In The Philippines

Gelare, there is no limit to your imagination.

Everybody loves ice cream. Who doesn’t? I bet most of us will choose ice cream over other dessert and we’ve got plenty of reasons why. Did you know that a regular ice cream that we eat contains 50% air while famous Gelatos that we have been introduced contains 25% air? But, guess what? Gelare ice cream is airless! How cool is that?

Gelare’s flagship store in the Philippines


Gelare is Australia’s most-loved dessert café founded in 1986 and has been tantalizing palates for over 20 years and counting. From melt-in-the-mouth gourmet ice cream and warm golden waffles to vegan desserts and light hearty breakfasts, Gelare dessert restaurants are trusted for nothing less than a sweet and savory taste sensation.


Philippine flagship

Recently, Gelare has landed in the Philippines with its flagship store in Uptown, BGC having a serene interior perfect for relaxation. It’s a perfect place where you can just leave all your stress behind and savor some guilty but oh-so-delicious pleasures.




Gelare is an Italian word that means “to freeze” or “congeal”, which is the final step in the ice cream making process. They currently offer 24 staple ice cream flavors to choose from with notable flavors like Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cup and Honey Malt.



They also have 5 flavors of Vegan and Halal certified ice cream such as Banana Caramel Swirl, Lychee Lane Sorbet, Mango Passion Sorbet, Lemon Lime Sorbet and hang on matcha lovers out there, Matcha Green Tea. What makes it more exciting is the waffle which can be enjoyed both sweet and savory.




The waffle comes with a perfect crisp on the outside yet light and fluffy on the inside. You can either enjoy it with its rich buttercream topping or add a little excitement with a scoop of any ice cream flavor of your choice to make it a la mode. Or better yet, pair your waffles with Egg benedicts for those ovum lovers.




In case you crave for more tangible protein, you can go for their Waffle with Buttermilk Chicken – juicy chicken fillet that’s battered and deep-fried into perfection. They also have a waffle with Sliced Beef & Gravy – richly flavored and tender, this thinly sliced sirloin is a sure bet.




Aside from ice cream and waffles, they also offer a robust coffee experience whether hot or cold. They also offer to-die-for Affogato, customizable with your choice of ice cream flavors. For non-coffee drinkers, you will definitely thirst for their smoothies such as Mango Mango and Merry Berries. And hey if you want to go all-out, why not try their Rich Milkshakes with your choice of ice cream.




At Gelare, there is no limit to your imagination. Head on to Gelare at the 3rd level, Uptown BGC and be creative. A branch in Nuvali will be opening soon! Watch out for more updates on Gelare on Facebook.



Founded in Australia in 1986 by Mr. Farid Torabi, Gelare remains the much-loved dessert bar throughout Perth and Brisbane. It has over 50 branches spread across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Gelare has a choice of superior desserts including its famous ice cream, waffles, pancakes, hot beverages, smoothies and light breakfast menu. Gelare in the Philippines is run by WhitePlates inc.
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