Gretchen Ho Is The First-Ever JBL Philippines Celebrity Endorser

JBL Philippines Launches Its First Celebrity Endorser

For over 70 years, JBL has been known to be one of the global leaders that pioneered home and personal audio and electronics. They ignited the passions of music lovers everywhere with the quality audio equipment they produced which are not limited with the average ways of living. JBL is more than just a producer of epic sound equipments. It’s our gateway to experience music as if its our lifeblood just like what the brand’s tagline says – Dare To Listen. JBL amplifies the music and helps us not just look but really see, not just live but experience, and not just hear but to listen in every moment.

JBL Philippines Celebrity Endorser

Earlier this month, JBL Philippines launched its first-ever celebrity endorser who will represent the brand and further strengthen its proposition as a hip, dun, and existing lifestyle audio brand. The newest and first-ever endorser is no other than the woman-in-action herself, Gretchen Ho. The JBL Philippines celebrity endorser has been known as one of the most loved Filipino volleyball players. Gretchen Ho is also a host and Multimedia personality which makes her the best person to represent the brand. She has a flexible personality and lifestyle which matches the brand.
JBL Philippines
Photo from Gretchen Ho’s official Instagram account
“Music lets me focus, enjoy, and tune out the rest of the world. And with the right music tool, I can push myself to the limit and make the most out of my life. This is how I feel every time I’m in my headphones. It’s just me, my music, and my JBL.” -Gretchen Ho

New Products This 2018

With Gretchen Ho as part of the JBL Philippines family, the brand is set to become more daring and fitting with the lifestyle of the Filipinos, especially millennials. Expect new products this year which are tailored for every lifestyle. There will be new sports earphones for the fitness buff; new JBL speakers for the partyphiles, which are more suitable for party setup making music the life of a party; and wireless audio for the wanderers who wants a convenient listening.
JBL steps up the game, making it the frontline of the evolution of dynamic music experience. Dare To Listen with JBL products. Just like other people, tune out the rest of the world and just listen to the beat to keep you going. To know more about JBL products, promotions, and events, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may also visit
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