10 Educational Tools That Are Helpful For Your Child’s Development

Make learning fun with Grolier Philippines, the home learning expert

Most people think that at a young age, children should enjoy playing more and less learning. But the truth is, as early as three years old, a child must already start learning new things as it is the time when their brains can easily adapt whatever they learn. 

Multiple Intelligence

Established in 1895, Grolier has been around the world promoting a fun way to teach children through its award winning learning solution. Known to be the leading “In-Home Learning Experts”, Grolier offers quality educational products that helps parents educate, entertain, and motivate their children at home through fun learning experience. 

Here are some educational tools that Grolier Philippines offer to help nurture your child’s multiple intelligence. 

1. A Story a Day

story a day

The Grolier’s A Story a Day collection features four hard cover books that contains a total of 365 stories in bright illustrations. Letting you and your child read one story a day, this product aims to develop your child’s vivid imagination with its collection of much-loved stories, fables and legends from around the world. Some of the stories included are Hansel and Gretel, The Foolish Wise Men, Thumbelina, Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs, Pandora’s Box, Jack and The Beanstalk, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and many more. 

2. Grolier’s Wonderful World of Science

wonderful world of science

Grolier’s Wonderful World of Science is a collection of ten volumes containing colorful illustrations about various topics on science such as weather, solar system, planet Earth, human body, and dinosaurs. This product lets your child discover 10,000 fantastic facts about science and test your knowledge with exciting activities in-store in each book.

3. Wordphun

A literacy bricks, Wordphun is a fun way to learn the alphabets, enhance vocabulary and helps spelling in words. Nurturing your child’s linguistic and spatial intelligence, Wordphun also sharpens child’s memory and phonetics as well as picture recognition. The product includes 63-pcs word blocks, 100-pcs picture blocks, and 18-pcs learning sheets that will surely make learning more fun and spelling made easy.

4. FunThinkers

Help jumpstart your child’s IQ with FunThinkers. This product is an interactive learning tool designed to stimulate brain and intellectual development. An all-around fun subject covering English, Math and Thinking Skills, FunThinkers is just like playing as it develops independent learning. It builds reasoning, comprehension and Math skills while motivating fun learning using Match Frame.


FunThinkers is ideal for a child who is always asking for more as it contains over 350 questions in each book, divided in three levels of difficulty. It has unique hands-on activities that are easy-to-follow, motivating a child to learn on their own. Recommended for 2-6 years old children.

5. Morphun

If you want to develop your child’s creativity, Morphun is the perfect product to try. A tub containing various pieces and instruction sheets, your child will surely explore their ability to form and construct sets, follow instruction and solve problems. Morphun aims to develop children’s creative thinking and widen their imagination by letting their creative mind work through their hands. It’s a great educational tool for children 4-years-old and up.

6. I Wonder Why

i wonder why

Let your child play, listen and learn with I Wonder Why, a collection of 24 amazing books and a talking pen that has voices reading out to your child. Stimulate your child’s inquisitive mind with different topics such as biology, botany, astronomy, music, geography and many more. I Wonder Why product aims to develop your child’s reading and listening skills while building their vocabulary on various topics.

7. Talking English

Talking English

Learning English has never been this fun and exciting, thanks to Grolier’s Talking English. It’s a sequential, interactive English Learning tool that builds your child’s core language skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Talking English is composed of 20 interactive books, and a reading pen which can be used to point, listen and read along.

8. Help Me Learn Drawing Books

help me learn

Develop your child’s artistic skills with Help Me Learn Drawing Books. Composed of 10 workbooks, Help Me Learn aims to develop hand and eye coordination while encouraging your child’s creative thinking. 

9. Logico


Help increase your child’s I.Q. with Logico, a sequential readiness program that helps children develop their cognitive abilities, affective and psychomotor skills and critical thinking skills. It’s a multi-awarded tool that covers three major subjects that your child needs — brain development, English, and Mathematics. Logico is available in three types — Primo, which is for 3-6 years old children; Piccolo for 6-10 years old; and Maximo for 8 years and above.

10. Grolier Keymatic


The newest educational tool offered by Grolier is the Keymatic. This tool is designed to be the key to math facts automaticity, allowing your child to successfully memorize math facts, build self-confidence and proficiency  by providing immediate reinforcement for correct answers.

Multiple Intelligence

There are more educational tools Grolier Philippines has to offer and has different packages for you and your child. But before you purchase a product, a representative from their Sales team needs to assess your child first to identify where they are good at and what needs more guidance. Then they will be offering a specific product that will match the identified multiple intelligence that needs more focus. 

If you’re interested to purchase a product or wants to know more about their products, you may contact Grolier Philippines via Facebook or visit their website – http://grolier-asia.com/.

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