This Subscription Box Is Made For Your Period Days + Free Trial

Happy Days Box, The Solution To Your PMS

PMS is one of the things we, us ladies, experience during “that time of the month”. Grumpy days are over because we found a subscription box for when you have your period and PMS days! Brought to us by Happy Days Club, the Happy Days Box is the first-ever PMS subscription box in the Philippines that can make our period days even better.
Boyfriends, rejoice! No more grumpy days for your ladies but rather more happy days. No more embarrassing errands to the ladies section as well. All with the help of Happy Days Club. Each premium boxes contains 5 craveable snacks, 2-3 feminine essentials, 2-3 pampering or beauty items, and 1-2 random thingy, all sourced from local stores/brands and hand-picked just for you! Each box is a total surprise but expect a combination of pampering and comfort.
Happy Days Box
Trial Box
What I love about this subscription box is that it’s totally unique and definitely a helpful partner to us ladies. Imagine, we will receive our monthly feminine essentials right at our doorstep! Plus, we get some yummy treats to satisfy our cravings. Isn’t so nice to receive such box every month?

How it works?

Avail the subscription in three easy steps. First, choose a plan from their subscription options. You can get either a starter or a premium box. Next, create your profile. This will help them fill your box that will fit your needs. And lastly, send your order and enjoy. Wait until your PMS subscription box arrives at your doorstep. They deliver according to your period schedule.
Happy Days Box
Happy Days Club will be accepting orders soon. For now, you can avail a FREE TRIAL BOX. All you need is to cover the shipping fee to avail it. Check their website for more information. PMS sucks and Happy Days Club will take the frustration out of your period and bring back the happiness back in. Follow them on Facebook for latest updates and promotions.
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