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ICYMI, Here’s What’s Trending in Poblacion, Makati

Trending now in Poblacion, Makati

Known as the old downtown area of Makati, Poblacion has come a long way to be one of the famous commercial centers in Makati City. Some people might be thinking that only the infamous Burgos red light district can be found in Poblacion, Makati. Little did they know that behind the beautiful and tall buildings in Makati, you can find a lot more to that like hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants, and even cafes, hotels, and hostels.

So whether you are looking for a place to stay at, dine at, or just have drinks at, you can find it in Poblacion, Makati. For your reference, here’s a handy guide for you on what’s trending now in Poblacion, Makati.



  • I’M Hotel

         I’M Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Poblacion, Makati. Trending for its onsen spa, the first ever in the Philippines, this five-star property will give you the R&R that you need in the midst of the concrete jungle.


I’M Onsen Spa | Photo from http://www.imonsenspa.com




  • Gramercy

         No budget for a five-star hotel? Fret not! You can book a room at Gramercy via Zen Rooms without spending that much. With their luxurious ambiance, you’ll definitely feel like you’re staying at a five-star hotel. Plus, they have an infinity pool overlooking the city!


Gramercy Pool area | Photo from zenrooms.com



  • Knightsbridge Residences

You can also book a room at Knightsbridge Residences via Zen Rooms for less than Php 3,000! They also have a movie room, a library, and a gaming room. Yup, you read it right. It’s a perfect staycation with your friends! Check out the previous article about Knightsbridge here.



  • Lokal Hostel

         If you’re on a tighter budget or wants to meet new people, check out this hostel in Poblacion, Makati. Opened in 2013, Lokal Hostel used to be an office space. They have private rooms and dorm rooms available.


Photo from lokalhostel.com



  • Element Boutique Hotel

Feel at home in this boutique hotel in Poblacion, Makati. Hidden in the midst of the urban jungle is Element Boutique Hotel that has 12 rooms and 2 penthouse suites. Their classy and artsy interior will surely transport you to a whole new world.


Photo from Element Boutique Hotel’s website





  • Filling Station

      This famous and Instagram-worthy neon-lit diner is a must-visit when in Poblacion, Makati. Known for its retro vibe interior, Filling Station has been the trending go-to places by many. Don’t forget to try their milkshake!


Filling Station facade



  • Hole in the Wall

       Enjoy different and exciting food all under one roof at Hole in the Wall. Trending for its food offering and ambiance, Hole in the Wall is one of the most visited dining place in Poblacion. The interior is Instagram-worthy too!





  • Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

       If you’re a morning person or just looking for a place that serves breakfast meals all day, then you should visit Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.  They serve gourmet breakfast at an affordable price. Trending in their menu are the Chocnut Champorado Topped with Tuyo Flakes, Beef Tapa, and Pancakes. It’s open 24hrs, so you get to enjoy your favorite breakfast meals at any time of the day.


Photo from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast’s Facebook Page



  • Comfort Creamery

       Ice cream solves everything. Do you agree? If you do, then you better check out Comfort Creamery in Playground 11! They serve a wide range of comfort food from milkshakes to ice cream. You definitely shouldn’t miss the rainbow ice cream that is trending now in Poblacion, Makati.


Photo from Comfort Creamery’s Facebook page



  • Crepe Amelie

Looking for more desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth? Crepe Amelie is a dessert cafe at A. Venue offering a variety of sweet and savory crepes, as well as Mille crepe cakes. They also serve coffee and light meals.


Photo from alwayshungry.ph





Drink & Chill


  • El Chupacabra

       Yummy tacos make El Chupacabra trending in Poblacion, Makati. El Chupacabra is a Mexican-American restaurant that serves tacos, barbeque, and cheap beer. Aside from tacos, must-try dishes are chicken wings and Mexican-style hotdog.


Photo from El Chupacabra’s Facebook page



  • Tambai

       What used to be a sari-sari store in Poblacion, Makati, Tambai is a yakitori joint that offers the usual Filipino street food with a twist. Great for barkada on a budget, Tambai is a go-to place if you just want to “tambay”, have some booze, and chill. Despite having a few lists of food in their menu, what’s trending in this place is their underground and outdoor dining that gives a unique chill vibe.


Photo from ourawesomeplanet.com


  • Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

       Savor an array of native flavors in a local vibe after the dark in Poblacion, Makati. Trending for its locally brewed beers and unique “pulutan” and exotic dishes, Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli is a place to visit if you prefer to try something local.


Photo from Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli’s Facebook page



  • Pura Vida

       Hangout like a Costa Rican in Pura Vida. Reggae music, Costa Rican cuisine, and cocktails are something you can look forward to when visiting this bar in Poblacion, Makati. Aside from these, what’s trending is the swings in front of the bar. How cool is that? With their great interior, Pura Vida is a great place to unwind.


Photo from Pura Vida’s Facebook page



  • The Wild Poppy

      This hidden gem in Poblacion, Makati offers friendly and vibrant vibes, as well as great food. Trending for its Instagram-worthy hipster interior and food, The Wild Poppy is not just a place for drinking but also for dining. If you like chill drinking, then this place is a must-visit. Try their signature cocktails.


Photo from The Wild Poppy’s Facebook page



These are only a few of the trending places in Poblacion, Makati. The area has a lot more to offer that awaits to be discovered. You can find my article on Manilascope Magazine February 2018 issue.


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