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Interior Tips For A Luxurious-looking Place

Open space condominium unit interior

Find out how you can make your place look like a million bucks

From magazine spreads to our online feeds, we all have seen a lot of beautiful and elegant interiors admired by many. As much as we all want to make our place look as chic as those homes, not everyone has a budget for a major renovation or hire a world-class interior designer to spruce up our homes. But fret not, you can still pull it off even on a budget. If you are planning to give your place a major renovation, here are some design tips from some of the metro’s most sought-after condominiums to help you make your place look like a million bucks.

1. Highlight your space with a great ceiling

Did you know that ceilings affect the aura of our home? Adding visual depth to your ceiling can influence on how we feel in certain spaces. High ceilings can make your place look bigger, making it more relaxing and inviting. You can highlight it by using recessed lights for a more modern, understated way of lighting. Likewise, full-length mirrors make your place look spacious.

Actual photo of Mi Casa model unit
Actual photo of Mi Casa model unit

In the one-bedroom model unit from Mi Casa, for instance, the interior design done on the ceiling adds visual depth. This works well for an area where you regularly welcome guests. The living room and dining area are good areas to apply this concept because they will greatly benefit from the impression of a bigger space.

2. Opt for natural lighting

There’s no better way to illuminate any space than natural lighting. Bigger windows, like floor-length, bring in more lighting than normal ones. Plus, you can take advantage of the spectacular views from your home. 

Actual photo of Marco Polo Residences model unit
Actual photo of Marco Polo Residences model unit

Marco Polo Residences in Cebu plays this up perfectly with not only floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that provide unobstructed views of its mountainous surroundings, the city and the sea in the distance. On the other hand, if you have smaller windows, you can achieve this same feeling by keeping the window area clear of clutter.

3. Go for earth tones

If you want something timeless and versatile, earth colors are the best option. It’s suitable for any kind of home. The neutral colors, just like in the showroom model unit of Four Season Riviera in Binondo, Manila drive just the right amount of attention to your home and allows you to add your own accent colors here and there. You’ll save on expensive paint jobs by strategizing which segments of your living space to highlight and which you can leave bare.

Actual photo of Four Season Riviera model unit
Actual photo of Four Season Riviera model unit

4. Utilize storage space

Small space? No problem! Keep your home clutter-free by maximizing your storage space. A great example is the built-in storage — like the shoe cabinet, bedroom closet, and kitchen floor storage — in The Seasons Residences in North Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Actual photo of The Season Residences model unit

Using beds with hidden compartments underneath for clothes and shoes, as well as hollow ottoman seats that double as storage boxes will help eliminate clutter around the house and keep your intimate belongings away from prying eyes as well.  

You may also want to opt for minimalist living. Lessen heavy furniture and go for the multifunctional ones. Doing so can free up breathing space in your stylish abode, making it easier on the eyes and a delight to move around in.

5. Experiment with open spaces

You can still utilize your place even if it has no pre-set divisions. Achieve an organized look by using a slim table in a bar-like set up which can help divide your kitchen from your living area through a more open concept. 

Actual photo of The Capital Towers model unit
Actual photo of The Capital Towers model unit

You don’t need walls to define spaces. You can use partial wood and frosted glass partitions that double as shelves or different colored tiles and rugs to segment floor areas for different spaces. In this model unit at The Capital Towers in Quezon City, the bedroom area is defined by using tinted glass, while the dining and living area are fused into one to maximize floor space.

6. Let your home reflects your personality

Though your design options may be influenced by your current budget, keep in mind that your place will only feel like home when it reflects you, your personality. Never sacrifice your personal preferences just to achieve a beautiful home.

Scandinavian bedroom

These are some of the tips to make your place look like a million bucks.  To get your own feel of luxury, visit the nearest Federal Land property showroom today or get a virtual tour at

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