Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Lea Salonga Shines Even More With The New Ariel Instashine

Lea Salonga

Lea Salonga performed her first-ever laundry musical with Ariel Instashine

Do you agree that every piece of clothing has a story? The globally acclaimed artist and Filipino Icon, Lea Salonga, agree to that. Early this month, she shared her nostalgic journey through a laundry musical with Ariel. 

Ariel recently launched their newest laundry detergent innovation, the Ariel Instashine.  This month, they introduced Lea Salonga as the new Ariel Instashine ambassador through a laundry musical, “When I Shine With You”.

“We are delighted to welcome Lea Salonga to Team Ariel as we launch our New Ariel Instashine – the world’s first detergent with Power Boosters. Lea represents progressive Filipinas who continue to shine not just in the Philippines, but also on the global stage.” shares P&G Asia Regional Brand Communications Lead Louie Morante.

Lea serenaded the crowd with the renewed rendition of a classic OPM song, ‘When I Met You’ by the Apo Hiking Society. She was joined by some of her students from The Voice, Leah Patricio, Esang de Torres, and Mica Becerro who paid tribute to their coach as they relive Lea’s journey through some of her memorable clothes in the past – as these clothes make their way back on stage and shine as if they are new. 

Musical Cast and Special Guests

Lea’s nostalgic journey

In this one-of-a-kind musical, Lea shared her story about her most treasured pieces of clothing and how she kept it shining anew.  Did you know that she had her first break at 9 years old when she played the title role in Annie in 1980?

Annie was my first big break. I was 9 then and felt a big mix of happy, scared and really just enjoying myself. That’s why I kept my dress after all these years: to remind myself of that girl who believed she could shine,” Salonga shares.

Lea appeared in a number of theatre productions and had several television projects since then. In 1989, she was selected to play Kim in the debut production of the musical Miss Saigon in London which earned her the title as the first woman of Asian descent to win the Tony Award for her excellence in live Broadway Theatre in 1991.

“I had no idea how demanding it was going to be to play the role of Kim. As a teenager, I found it worth it because it pushed me to be more creative and thoughtful with my craft. That’s why I’ll always find the shirt I wore to the audition memorable. It may seem like a simple white one but it means a lot to me – it was the one that helped me shine and live my dreams,” she added.

Among all the roles she played and amid her past accomplishments, Salonga takes pride the most in being a mom to her daughter Nicole, “There’s so much love and reward in being a mother. It’s definitely a new chapter for me, and one of the best roles that I have the privilege of playing.”

Reminiscent of the new Ariel Instashine’s clothes renewal benefit, the musical sparked a renewed sense of inspiration as Salonga relived the highlights of this true-to-life musical journey through her memorable clothes – from when she played Annie, to her white shirt during her audition for Miss Saigon, and an apron she got when she was a new mom. In fact, her iconic clothes were showcased on stage through Ariel Instashine’s Renewed Collection.

“Through stains and messy times in the kitchen, this apron marks one of my life’s biggest role – being a mom to Nicole. It’s the role that no one could have ever prepared me for. It’s continuous hardwork but it brought so much joy and love to my life. It’s inspiring me to shine brighter every day for my family,” Salonga says.

The All-New Ariel Instashine

Ariel innovated the next generation of detergent, the Ariel Instashine, which promises to make old clothes look new again in just one wash. It is the first-in-the-world detergent with power booster beads, that provides superior cleaning and stain removal in just one wash which helps make clothes look new again.

“We launched the new Ariel Instashine in the PH market in high hopes of addressing the highest standard of cleaning our consumers wants – cleaning clothes like they are new again. This is the world’s first detergent with power boosters to remove the toughest layers of stains and make your clothes shine anew in just 1 wash. As with our commitment to elevate the level of clean in laundry, we also hope to uplift our spirits through keeping clothing pieces valuable and timeless like Lea’s iconic pieces from her roles as Annie, Miss Saigon and as a mom,” concludes P&G Country Category Leader, Laundry Philippines, Ray Pine.

Truly it’s been a long ongoing journey for Lea. Ariel celebrates this true Filipino icon as she shines for all of the Filipinos here and all over the world. Just like her, bring your clothes back to life with Ariel Instashine. To find out more about When I Shine with You, the new Ariel Instashine and how you can make your old clothes look new again in one wash, follow the hashtags: #NewArielInstashine, #InstaBagoin1Wash, and #WhenIShineWithLea online.

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