Luis Manzano Is The Newest Endorser of SweetVia

SweetVia introduced Luis Manzano as their official endorser

SweetVia is a sweetener brand under Santé, the trusted industry leader in the Philippines when it comes to premier natural and organic health and wellness products and services. And to culminate the second quarter of the year, SweetVia introduced Luis Manzano as their newest and official endorser.


What is SweetVia?

Made from natural plant ingredients, such as Chicory Root Fiber Inulin and Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana), SweetVia is a natural sweetener that aids in keeping blood sugar low. According to research, the addition of inulin has been found to normalize blood lipid and glucose levels (Gibson & Delzenne). Also, it showed a reduction in food intake and decreased body weight. On the other hand, 2Stevia is an accepted sugar substitute that can contribute to weight management and improved caloric control. And unlike other sugary foods, stevia inhibits the formation of cavities and plaque (Elkins, 1997).

Luis Manzano for SweetVia

Luis Manzano for SweetVia

Multihyphenate actor Luis Manzano is a passionate advocate of wellness who believes that a well-balanced lifestyle, Luis believes that as we grow older, we must always watch what we eat. He believes that proper time management between work and personal life coupled with regular physical exercise and proper diet are key factors in maintaining a productive life that is absolutely healthy, which is very vital especially now amid the pandemic.  But aside from having a healthy lifestyle, Luis admits that he has a sweet tooth.

“I know a lot of people who got diabetes either genetically or because of their food choices. I’m really into sweets, and there’s always room for so much more desserts in my life. Because of SweetVia, I now have a healthy alternative that enables me to satisfy my cravings without putting myself at risk of diabetes and minus the guilt as well,”  said Luis.  


Luis also reveals that he is confident, calm, and relaxed with SweetVia, “I could sleep better knowing that my choice to incorporate Sweet Via in my daily diet essentials is both effective and excellent because its ingredients are natural and plant-based. I am assured that I made the right choice with SweetVia.” 

Luis Manzano for SweetVia

“Luis Manzano lives the ideal lifestyle that perfectly represents Sweet Via as he is enjoying a balanced life that is both active and healthy,” says Santé CEO Joey Marcelo. “We are honored to officially welcome Luis to the Santé family, and we are looking forward to all the exciting projects that we will do in collaboration with him in the months to come.” 


Luis also expresses how grateful he is to partner with SweetVia, “It’s great to partner with a brand like SweetVia. This is the best alternative every time I want to eat or drink something sweet. Another plus with Sweet Via is the prebiotics that it contains, which takes care of my tummy. SweetVia is so versatile because it could be used not just in drinks and desserts but in every single food recipe imaginable.”         


SweetVia is available in leading Mercury Drug stores, Watsons, The Generics Pharmacy, Puregold, Lawson, The Landmark, All Day Supermarkets, and order online thru Lazada and Shopee.        


For more information and exciting news and updates on Luis Manzano and SweetVia, follow @sweetviaofficial on Instagram, like Sweet Via on Facebook, and subscribe to SweetVia on YouTube.  

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