Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

3 Guilt-Free Cakes You Can Enjoy Everyday

Malagos Cake Top view

Indulge yourself with these delectable cakes from Max’s Corner Bakery

You don’t need special occasions to have some cake. Every day can be a “cake day” at Max’s for any reason, big or small. Make your day sweeter yet guilt-free with the newest delectable cakes from Max’s Corner Bakery. Here are the classic, favorite and new cake flavors:


Caramel Cake

MCB Every Day is Cake Day - Caramel Cake


Made with soft and fluffy vanilla chiffon filled with buttercream and gilded with rich caramel custard icing, this Caramel cake will surely give you a boost of happiness in every slice. Available in 5-inches and starts at Php 379.


Malagos Cake

Malagos cake

Made with the Philippines’ most-awarded heirloom cacao and consists of layers of moist and fudgy chocolate cake and dark chocolate mousse, this Malagos Cake is a great pair for your cup of coffee. Available in 5-inches and starts at Php 490.


Triple Treat

MCB Every Day is Cake Day - Triple Treat

An appetizing cake that has of layers of chocolate fudge, mocha, and vanilla chiffon and accented with ganache drip and chocolate tiles, this Triple Treat cake will give a roller coaster ride of sweetness that you will surely enjoy. Available in 8-inches and starts at Php 699 only.


Whatever reason or season, don’t hesitate to give yourself a little treat. Max’s Corner Bakery believes that there is a #CakeForAllReasons to make your every day that much sweeter.

These cakes are available at any Max’s Corner Bakery branch in Luzon for delivery, take-out, or dine-in.


Don’t shy away from these oh-so sweet treats. Visit any Max’s Corner Bakery branch near you, order online via, or call 888-79000 (for Metro Manila only) and make every day a “cake day” to the Max! For more information, follow Max’s Restaurant on Facebook.

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