3 Guilt-Free Cakes You Can Enjoy Everyday

Indulge yourself with these delectable cakes from Max’s Corner Bakery

You don’t need special occasions to have some cake. Every day can be a “cake day” at Max’s for any reason, big or small. Make your day sweeter yet guilt-free with the newest delectable cakes from Max’s Corner Bakery. Here are the classic, favorite and new cake flavors:


Caramel Cake

MCB Every Day is Cake Day - Caramel Cake


Made with soft and fluffy vanilla chiffon filled with buttercream and gilded with rich caramel custard icing, this Caramel cake will surely give you a boost of happiness in every slice. Available in 5-inches and starts at Php 379.


Malagos Cake

Malagos cake

Made with the Philippines’ most-awarded heirloom cacao and consists of layers of moist and fudgy chocolate cake and dark chocolate mousse, this Malagos Cake is a great pair for your cup of coffee. Available in 5-inches and starts at Php 490.


Triple Treat

MCB Every Day is Cake Day - Triple Treat

An appetizing cake that has of layers of chocolate fudge, mocha, and vanilla chiffon and accented with ganache drip and chocolate tiles, this Triple Treat cake will give a roller coaster ride of sweetness that you will surely enjoy. Available in 8-inches and starts at Php 699 only.


Whatever reason or season, don’t hesitate to give yourself a little treat. Max’s Corner Bakery believes that there is a #CakeForAllReasons to make your every day that much sweeter.

These cakes are available at any Max’s Corner Bakery branch in Luzon for delivery, take-out, or dine-in.


Don’t shy away from these oh-so sweet treats. Visit any Max’s Corner Bakery branch near you, order online via https://delivery.maxschicken.com/, or call 888-79000 (for Metro Manila only) and make every day a “cake day” to the Max! For more information, follow Max’s Restaurant on Facebook.
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