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3 Reasons Why Mealtime Conversation Is Important

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Eating meals together as a family has many benefits

Life, as we know it, is getting busier as we grow older. From studies to work, families sometimes have lesser time to bond together. There are even times that they don’t get to eat meals together as a family. And even when they do, either some or most of them are busy with their gadgets and ended up not communicating with each other.

Did you know that eating together is an opportunity for mealtime conversations? It allows each family member, especially children, to talk to one another. Besides, there are more reasons to do so.

1. Build social skills

Research shows that mealtime conversations affect children the most. At a young age, children always want to communicate. They always have a lot of questions in mind. Mealtime conversations allow them to communicate as well as encourages them to socialize instead of just focusing on their gadgets.

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2. Builds relationship & trust

Mealtime conversation also helps build better relationships — healthy parent-to-child and child-to-child relationships. A healthy relationship consists of effective communication — where one listens while the other speaks. In this way, one can actively voice out what they feel — bringing them closer to each other. 

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3. A chance to bond

Mealtime gives every member of the family a chance to bond. It brings people together, talk to each other and discuss something — how their day went, news, and other discussions. Just like what Marcelo Santos III said in his latest vlog – #MealtimeConfessions, it allows you to update one another on your daily lives. That’s why it is very important to personally converse once in a while, and leave the gadgets behind.


Kay Daddy talaga ako nagmana ng galing sa pag-aadvice! haha.

Geplaatst door Marcelo Santos III op Donderdag 24 oktober 2019

These are just some of the reasons why mealtime conversation is important. Conversations are a lot more interesting and fun and you do it over food. That’s why mealtime is the best time to have a chit-chat with your family. With the holiday season just around the corner, aim to disconnect with your gadgets and instead, start a mealtime conversation with the family. 

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And to make it more fun and exciting, you can cook everyone’s favorite food — Fried Chicken! It’s something that no one can resist at mealtime, especially if it’s crispy and flavorful.

Join their Cookmunity to find some delicious recipes that you can try for your next mealtime conversations.

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