Things You Need To Know About Micro Needle Derma Rollers

Micro Needle Derma Rollers: Are They All the Same?

When it comes to quality skincare routines, many people are turning to derma rollers to increase the repair process. The Best derma roller will create small channels in the skin which activates the repair process of skin cells, building collagen and elasticity that is needed to fight the signs of aging. Add in products like Ferulic acid and you can truly benefit from the tool. 

When purchasing a derma roller, you may be asking yourself, ‘are they all the same?’ What should you be looking for? By learning more about derma rollers and how they affect the skin, you can purchase the right option for your regular routine. 


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a derma roller is the sizing. The size refers to the needle size of the tool. For a professional treatment, the rollers can be quite large with needles at 1.5 or 2 mm. However, for personal use, it is best to stick to a 0.5mm or a 1.0mm sizing. 

derma roller with serum and cream

Each size is best for certain problems. Take the 0.5mm size. This option can be used every week or once a month depending on how your skin reacts to the tool. If your skin can tolerate the stimulation, then you can easily use it once a month for treatment. With this type, large pore issues, wrinkles, shallow scars, and hyperpigmentation are treated.

With a larger 1.0mm sized derma roller, the tool can be used once or twice a month. The larger size can take longer for your skin to heal after treatment. With this sizing, the tool work well for deep set acne scars as well as stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, hair growth and large pores. 

Top-Rated Rollers

When purchasing a derma roller, you want to work with a reputable company, such as Timeless. You want to ensure the roller is constructed well and will work for your skin when you apply Anti-wrinkle serums or other products. By reviewing a derma rollers rating, you can ensure the product works well to puncture the skin slightly and moves easily. 

Cheaper or poorly constructed derma rollers will not roll smoothly over the skin. It is important that the derma roller roll well on the skin so that it can provide even coverage on your skin. Avoid any rollers that have poor reviews that discuss how the tool does not work properly. 

derma roller flatlay with serum and bottles

Using a derma roller can change your skincare routine for the better. It takes only a few minutes to apply but with regular usage and the right products, your skin will have a noticeable difference over time. You will be amazed at how smooth and wonderful your skin looks and feels.

If you do purchase a derma roller, be sure to learn more about usage. The tool must be sterilized before and after use so that the skin is not going to be affected in a negative manner. Remember the sterilization process every time you use the roller to be able to see only a positive outcome. 

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