3 Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s Moving Up Day at SM Supermalls

Celebrate your child’s achievement at SM Supermalls.

Another school year has ended. It’s the time of the year where moving up ceremonies are being held. It’s also our #BabyGiant’s first moving up day and we celebrated this milestone at SM Southmall which is his ultimate happy place. What he loves about SM Southmall is the play area like Tom’s World, Balloon Wheel, Train, etc.

Every since I was a kid, it has been part of our family tradition to celebrate Moving Up day or Graduation at SM Supermalls. There are a lot of ways or activities that you can do to celebrate your child’s milestone. Below are the three specific activities that we did to celebrate his Moving Up day at SM Southmall.

1. Dine at our favorite buffet restaurant

Every time someone in the family has a new milestone, whether Moving Up or Graduation, we always celebrate it at our favorite buffet restaurant in SM Southmall. What’s great about it is that they offer graduation/moving up day promos.
Moving Up Day At SM

2. Play at Tom’s World

To make the celebration extra special, we let him play at Tom’s World after we ate. He loves to play and win prizes.

3. Shop

We ended the day by buying him new stuff such as t-shirt, toys, and a bag as his reward for a job well done.
SM Supermalls
All of these, plus watching movies, are actually our favorite things to do together as a family whenever we go to any SM Supermalls. With a lot of activities the mall has to offer, I could really say that it’s always #FamFirstAtSM.
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