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How To Find The Right Pillow For You?

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Having a hard time to find the right pillow for you? Check out these tips from Mr. Big Pillow on how to find one.

Sleeping consumes 1/3 of our day, hence the importance of sleep to our daily lives. Did you know that pillows can affect our sleep and even our posture? Not all pillows are the same and equal. That’s why it is very important to find the right pillow for yourself.

So how to find the right pillow for you? Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

1. Know your sleeping position

There are three types of sleeping position — the back sleeper, side sleeper, and stomach sleeper. What is your sleeping position? Identifying your sleep position will help you find the right pillow of for you and the proper alignment of your pillows. 

A. Back Sleeper

If you sleep on your back, you may prefer a pillow with a thin profile, a cervical pillow or a neck roll underneath your head. It is recommended to have a lower pillow height and adding 1-2 pillows underneath your knees to help ease back pressure.

girl in bathrobe back sleeping

B. Stomach Sleeper

If you’re a stomach sleeper, it’s highly recommended to have one pillow or no pillow at all to avoid neck strain.

man sleeping in stomach position

C. Side Sleeper

A thicker pillow can adequately support your head and neck when sleeping on your side. Tucking in a pillow in between your knees will also be a great support for your body when side sleeping.

woman side sleeping

2. Pick your pillow

Once you knew what your sleeping position is, you can finally pick the pillow that suits you best. Did you know that there are many pillow sizes, firmness, shapes, and styles? And you can find these pillows at Mr. Big Pillow.

Founded by Chawakit Kaoien, a physical therapist, Mr. Big Pillow is known to be the master of ergonomic comfort, creating ingenious products that optimize function and appearance for better sleeping experiences. 

a. Size and Firmness

There’s a specific pillow suitable for every body types.

Bodyscale pillows
Bodyscale pillows

Mr. Big design the BODYSCALE pillow using one fiber but five different firmness to make sure it supports five different body types from petite person to a strongly built body of athletes. Below are the five BODYSCALE pillows that Mr. Big offers:

  • Number 1: for petite people or children and people who sleep on stomach
  • Number 2: for a person weighing not over 60kg and 160 cm tall, or like to sleep in softer pillows
  • Number 3: this is the firmer pillow among the first two pillows. It’s good for side sleeper who is 160-175 cm tall and weighs around 60-69kg. 
  • Number 4: this is larger and firmer, good for taller people, mostly men, with weight and height not over 76kg and 180 cm.
  • Number 5: the firmest of them all. This pillow is ideal for side sleeping and for pillow who are over 180 cm and over 80kg. 

b. Shape/Style

Mr. Big design pillows that support you ergonomically. They believe that sleeping in a correct posture and while supported by pillows helps prevent pain and discomfort that’s why they are offering different shapes of pillows. They have the NINE pillow which is perfect for pregnant women; JAY pillow, perfect for those who always want leg support when sleeping; and the SEVEN pillow, perfect for side sleepers.

NINE pillow
NINE pillow

Final Verdict

I was able to try their pillows during the SM Home Fair at SMX Convention Manila. I love the Elasta fiber material used in the pillows. It makes the pillow so inviting that you would like to sleep in all day and not leave your bed. I love being surrounded by pillows that’s why the NINE pillow is my top pick.

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