Nadine Lustre Leads Whisper Curvalicious Movement

Whisper turns Pink! Join the Curvalicious movement.

Last March 20, Whisper launched its Curvalicious Movement led by no other than the multi-talented Nadine Lustre. In time for International Women’s Month, the #ChooseCurvalicious movement was launched through a Big Coming Out Party, celebrating today’s modern women who are fearless, confident, fierce, and playfully bold. The #Curvalicious movement is a celebration of the modern woman who is strong and daring, empowered and inspires other women to do the same.

Whisper’s newest anthem, Curvalicious, was performed by Nadine Lustre at the coming out party. Written with empowering lyrics and groovy beats, the newest anthem aims to inspire women to be confident and empowered, any day and everyday just like Nadine Lustre. We all know that Nadine has encountered many criticisms just like any other celebrities in the industry. Yet she is supercharged with self-confidence, conquering these criticisms with positivity.

Whisper, her go-to brand for feminine pads, has a lot to do with the confidence that she has right now. Now made better, the all-new pink Whisper has a #curvalicious feature that ensures a more snug fit together with its cottony soft cover and dermacare lotion, 12-hour leakage protection, and anti-leak barriers for a completely worry-free period. Whisper is definitely the feminine pad upgrade every empowered modern woman like Nadine needs to stay confident, cool, and of course, #curvalicious.
Join and be part of the #Curvalicious movement together with Nadine Lustre and Whisper. Follow Whisper on Facebook for updates, promotions, and information.

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