Snack Your Heart Out With These New Rebisco Products

Rebisco released a new roster of products perfect for snack-loving Filipinos of all ages.

Everyone loves snacking. Well, who doesn’t? For 55 years, the famous homegrown snack giant in the Philippines, Rebisco (Republic Biscuit Corporation), has captured the hearts of every Filipino generations with their great-tasting snack food. They now carries a wide variety of snack food ranging from Biscuits, Chocolates, Rolled Wafers & Gelatins, Cakes & Breads, Nuts, Seeds, & Local Confectionery, Sugar Confectionery, Chips & Curls, Beverages and even Ice Cream. Recently, Rebisco added a new line of products to its growing snack portfolio.

1-2. Japanese-inspired Rebisco and Hansel Premium line

The well-loved Rebisco and Hansel Premium line now include the Japanese flavor-inspired Hansel Premium with White Cheese Filling and the light and crunchy Rebisco Premium Crackers with Black Sesame Seeds, deliciously roasted to create that delightful umami flavor that always hits the spot.  


3-5. Tostas, Goofers, Cornkalog

Over on the chips and curls section, Rebisco adds Tostas—thin and crispy dual-flavored corn chips. It comes in two flavors—smoky BBQ and savory cheese—in one pack, for that one-of-a-kind corn chip experience. Also now available are Goofers and Cornkalog. Goofers are crunchy corn puffs with a distinctly sweet and creamy peanut butter flavor that bursts in the mouth with every bite. Cornkalog is another corn snack variety, this time with a rich and sweet corn flavor and creamy filling. 

6-7. New Topps Flavors

For the kids and kids-at-heart, the all-time favorite cupcakes now come in two new mouth-watering flavors—Topps Sarap Yema and Topps Sarap Choco Peanut. Topps Sarap Yema has yema frosting, peanut candy bits, and yema filling while Topps Sarap Choco Peanut features choco-peanut frosting, peanut butter filling and nutty chips topping.

8-9.GumBitz and Dolce Fruity Bon Tamarind Balls

For a fruity burst of flavor, Rebisco offers GumBitz—crunchy candy-coated bubble gum bits in strawberry and green apple. And for those who like the irresistible combination of sweet and spicy tamarind flavor, Dolce Fruity Bon Tamarind Balls is now available for a quick perk-me-up snack. 

10-12.Jeanne & Jamie’s Recipes™

As the summer season rolls in, health- and weight-conscious snackers can now enjoy the delightful goodness of Jeanne & Jamie’s Recipes™–three varieties of delicious crackers that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

a. The tasty and crunchy Water Crackers with flaxseeds and sesame seeds support heart health. It has Omega-3, low sodium, and zero trans fat.

b. Whole Thins, whole wheat crackers with rolled oats, supports weight management goals. It is high in fiber with L-Carnitine and zero trans fat.

c. Completing the Jeanne & Jamie’s Recipes™ line are Digestives—semi-sweet honey biscuits with a hint of nutty oat flavor. It aids in digestive health because it is fortified with fiber, prebiotic inulin and has zero trans fat. Inulin is a soluble fiber that helps improve digestion, among other health benefits. 

13-14. 100-calorie Fudgee Barr and Choco Mucho

Chocolate lovers can now indulge guilt-free with the 100-calorie Fudgee Barr and Choco Mucho variants, ideal for satisfying those cravings while staying on track of fitness goals.


15. Bueno Pasta

Rebisco also expands its product offerings with the addition of Bueno Pasta—firm but soft-to-the-bite premium pasta made with Semolina wheat. It is available in spaghetti and elbow macaroni varieties. Bueno Pasta is the perfect base to any pasta dish, and like all Rebisco snacks, is best shared and enjoyed with loved ones. 

“We are excited to share these new products with our consumers,” Rebisco President Jonathan C. Ng said. “Rebisco has always been an integral part of Filipinos’ snacking culture, and we are committed to developing new products that will create more opportunities for sharing and bonding.” 

Visit your nearest sari-sari store and supermarket to enjoy these delightful new products from Rebisco. To know more about their products, you may visit and follow them on Facebook.

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