Thu. Feb 25th, 2021

Celebrate World Chicken And Egg Day At OctoberFresh

bounty fresh octoberfresh

Bounty Fresh brings you OctoberFresh

In celebration of World Chicken and Egg Day as well as Eggy’s first birthday, Bounty Fresh brings you OctoberFresh. Happening on October 12 at TriNoma Activity Center, this event aims to raise awareness on the nutritional value of eggs and the importance of choosing the right products for our tables. As the leading farm-to-market poultry producer in the country, Bounty Fresh pioneered World Chicken and Egg Day in the country in 2017 as part of its aim of raising public awareness about these food products and their importance in our regular diet.

bounty fresh octoberfresh

Families are in for fun activities as well as exciting treats and raffle prizes as Bounty Fresh promises to put together a celebration that’s bigger and better than their previous ones. They will also be introducing their newest ambassador, matinee-actress-turned-idol-mom Jolina Magdangal. Together with Bounty Fresh brand ambassador Chicky, the two are throwing an amazing first birthday party for Eggy; and everyone is invited to join!

bounty fresh octoberfresh

Spearheading the event comes naturally for the brand which is known to be a provider of #Lakingfarmfresh chickens, blemish-free eggs, and other delicious breaded products that are strictly produced using only state-of-the-art, ISO-certified technology, and processes. The brand believes in the importance of the quality of food and has stayed true to its mission of delivering it to our tables with their 100 percent all-natural chickens and innovative processes.

While the 2018 World Chicken and Egg Day was all about the Chickenovela adventures that invited the public to help Chicky find her missing egg, this year promises fresh activities and deals for the whole family. Follow Bounty Fresh on Facebook and stay updated on all the activities!

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