Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Panasonic Launched Its Air Conditioning Company

Panasonic Air Conditioner Philippines Top Management

Panasonic welcomes the year by introducing its newest company — Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines

Providing “A Better Life, A Better World” in over 120 countries, Panasonic continuously aims to contribute to the progress and development of society and to the happiness of people around the globe, highlighting its expertise in the Air Conditioning business. As we welcome a new decade, the brand launches a new company that is dedicated to providing professional services for your air conditioning needs, the Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines (PACPH). 

About the Company

PACPH promises to provide the best comfortable air solutions with innovative professional technologies and services to suffice every Filipino’s need from home to business solutions. As we all know, air conditioning does not only settle on cooling alone nowadays. And to keep up with the trend, Panasonic developed nanoe™ Technology that deodorizes, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.

How nanoe™ works: Moisturizing

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Geplaatst door Panasonic Philippines op Zondag 19 januari 2020

Humans consume an average of 1.3kg of food, 1.2kg of water, and surprisingly breathe around 18kg of air daily. In order for us to live longer, and stay stronger, we need to care more about the air we breathe. That is why and how exactly we came up with our concept of Quality Air for Life, in line with Panasonic’s thrust of providing Japan Quality Air Conditioners to Filipino Families.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Training Center

Out of 120 countries, the Philippines is one of Panasonic’s fastest-growing markets, especially in the air conditioner industry. With its commitment to provide only the best for the Filipino customers, PACPH opened its Air Conditioning Training Center that supports its responsibility in providing product knowledge and skills enhancement to serve its customers with the utmost capability. They aim to introduce relevant training programs geared to address issues on knowledge improvement on Panasonic products, by educating their customers. Another goal is to provide skills development of technical personnel, engineers, and staff for effective after-sales servicing.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Philippines Top Management

Taking a cue from the massive infrastructure investment of the Philippine Government under its “Build! Build! Build!” program, Panasonic continuously focuses on providing premium Japan Quality products to its customers as our contribution to society. Through better air conditioning solutions, Panasonic aims to provide care for every Filipino family – that’s #AlagangPanasonic. 

Visit their website to learn more about Panasonic Air Conditioners.

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