Philam Life Introduced Digital Tools For Customers

Philam Life goes digital in transforming lives

Since 2013, Philam Life, the country’s premier life insurance company, continuously develop digital innovations to serve its customers better, living up to its thrust of making customers central to the business. When it comes to insurance, what most people have in mind, aside from persistent insurance agents, is the difficult and tedious process of buying one — from the paperworks to countless meet ups. But the truth is, much has changed in the last couple of years, especially in Philam Life, including the evolution of the entire experience to simplify the process for the customer. 

“We have designed our digital roadmap with the customer journey in mind. By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we were able to understand their pain points and we developed our digital tools to address their concerns. These innovations have resulted in benefits across all the stakeholders, providing faster, better and more consistent service for our customers, unlocking more time for our financial advisers to focus on meeting customers, and improved productivity of our Operations team. Transaction volume in our branches and Call Centre are slowly going down since we’ve seen growth in usage among Financial Advisors, and service satisfaction levels have also improved as measured by independently conducted surveys. There is positive momentum in transforming how we service our customers and enable our financial officers, and whilst we are happy with the progress thus far, this is only the beginning,”

said Gigi Pio de Roda, Philam Life’s Chief Operations Officer.

Customer-friendly website

Philam Life’s website serves as the entry point to learn about the company’s different offerings. With customer-centricity at the core of its design, they made sure that it is easy to navigate, intuitive, and comprehensive to let their customers learn about insurance in an uncomplicated way. Understanding the different products and features becomes painless, as they are highlighted via product categories, through relatable key moments in the customer’s life. A self-help financial calculator is also readily available, empowering customers to quickly assess their needs, and effectively capturing the interest by leading them to submit their contact details.

Philam Vitality Website

The iPoS

When it comes to buying insurance, Philam Life’s Financial Advisors are now using the iPos, or Interactive Point of Sale system, which allows them to facilitate the selling process through an iPad-based digital platform. This state-of-the-art platform is the only fully functional digital end to end selling tool in the local life insurance industry. It makes the buying process seamless and convenient for both the customer and Financial Advisor by collecting the necessary information needed to generate a policy proposal instantly and close the sale immediately. 

Philam Life iPOS

iPoS puts the customers’ needs at the center of the buying process by ensuring that the product being sold is based on a careful assessment of their financial goals and priorities, as well as their risk profile. Getting an insurance policy then becomes a more meaningful conversation on financial goals where the customer comes out with the clarity of purpose, as opposed to a crash course of insurance terms and processes. Once a proposal has been generated, and the customer has signified confirmation to purchase, he can just sign off directly on the iPad, pay via credit card or arrange through auto-debit, and he will receive the e-receipt and e-contract immediately via email.

The iServe

The customer’s journey does not end there. After the customer purchased an insurance policy, their relationship between their Financial Advisor continues through iServe, the digital customer service platform of Philam Life. This platform enables its 8,000 Financial Advisors to perform various functions that would normally necessitate going to the Customer Service Centers (CSC). iServe enables Financial Advisors to be self-sufficient in servicing the needs of customers, cutting down waiting time and reducing the need to go to the CSCs by allowing them to perform various transactions such as to receive payments (including through credit card), submission of requests, changes in details, and process claims, among others.

Philam Life iServe

The ePlan

Customers also have their own online portal, the ePlan, where they can access their details and perform transactions by themselves such as view policy details, view billing notices and other relevant notices, view the value of their investments, manage their portfolio, request for assistance and update their contact information. This portal is made available 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

Philam Life ePlan

Philam Vitality

To continuously engage with their customers, Philam Life is now also offering a digital wellness program through a mobile app, the Philam Vitality. This program incentivizes members with rewards for knowing and improving their health. Through the Philam Vitality app, the company is able to continue engaging the customer even after the policy is served and before it matures or a claim is made. 

Philam Vitality app
Philam Vitality app

Kelvin Ang, Philam Life Chief Executive Officer commented, “The positive feedback we’ve been receiving from customers and Financial Advisors are very encouraging. By enabling our Financial Advisors with digital tools that allow them to provide personalized service, we are able to hit two birds with one stone: ensure regular engagement with customers and serve them better.” 

Know more about Philam Life by visiting their website at You may also email them at or call (02)528-2000. Follow Philam Life on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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