Let Your Business Go BEYOND FIBER With PLDT

PLDT Enterprise introduced its newest offering — Beyond Fiber

On Monday afternoon, the leading telecoms and digital services provider PLDT, Inc. launched its newest offering that aims to help businesses gear up for operating in the “new normal”. Introducing BEYOND FIBER, a complete package of connectivity and digital solutions offered by PLDT’s Enterprise Group which features a set of curated digital tools ranging from productivity and collaboration tools from e-payments to e-commerce solutions. These services are combined with enterprise-grade WiFi running on premium fiber service—enabling small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) to fearlessly make the digital shift towards long-term growth.


“We at PLDT and Smart are focused on putting the customer at the center of everything we do. Within the Enterprise group, we aim to do this through the launch of solutions such as BEYOND FIBER, which is set to benefit all our customers—regardless of size or industry. We look forward to seeing how this solution will inspire business to look beyond the current situation and take their businesses further,” said Smart President & CEO and PLDT Chief Revenue Officer Al Panlilio.


“Digitalization has now become critical for businesses that want to survive and thrive under the challenging conditions created by the COVID pandemic. We specifically designed BEYOND FIBER to equip businesses with digital solutions tailor-fit to the growing needs of today’s enterprises,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.


How much is Beyond Fiber?

SMEs and large enterprises alike can avail of the foundational components of BEYOND FIBER for only PHP 2,500 a month. This includes enterprise-grade connectivity via a premium WiFi device and fiber connection, all supported by a dedicated business hotline. You can also enjoy FREE subscription for the first 3-months. This is a limited time offer.



Features of PLDT Beyond Fiber

BEYOND FIBER raises the bar by offering a more robust business-grade fiber link with speeds of up to 50 Mbps—harnessing PLDT’s extensive fiber optic network with over 322,000 kilometers of fiber cables and growing – to better enable the day-to-day business for an office, a branch or for people working from home.


Beyond Fiber Foundation


To manage the expanding use of wi-fi connectivity in the workplace, BEYOND FIBER comes with a secure, enterprise-grade wi-fi router. Stores for example can have dual wi-fi networks: one for work, and one for guests.


WiFi Fit for Enterprise


Supports Work-From-Home arrangements

For businesses using telecommute or work-from-home arrangements, the WiFi service can enforce certain network policies to support their company processes.  This is made possible by PLDT’s partnership with Cisco Meraki – a leader in cloud managed IT with unmatched visibility and control.


Beyond Fiber for WFH Setup


Productivity tools

On top of this, PLDT is offering a selection of solutions that fit current and future digital needs of enterprises. This includes productivity tools available through Microsoft 365’s suite of work solutions, collaboration tools via MS Teams, appointments scheduling via MS Bookings.



Security and Payment Solutions

BEYOND FIBER also offers solutions to protect work devices from cyber-attacks via ePLDT’s Endpoint Advanced Security, to enable cashless and online payments via Paymaya, and to provide secure & private connections through Cisco Meraki Z3.



“These are the solutions initially lined up under BEYOND FIBER.  We will have more in the months to come. This initiative is designed to help businesses to make their digital shift—so that they grow amid the COVID crisis and help power the recovery of the national economy,” Hernandez said.  


For more information on BEYOND FIBER by PLDT Enterprise, log on to https://pldtenterprise.com/solutions/internet/beyond-fiber.

In Featured  Photo: Jovy I. Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Groups)

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