Lawyers Can Now Access 24/7 Premium MCLE Credit Courses Online

Comply with your MCLE requirements online with ACCESS

The first-ever and only accredited provider of On Demand Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), ACCESS, is recently launched and can now be accessed by many Filipino lawyers across the Philippines and the world. Founded by Atty. Peaches Martinez-Aranas, ACCESS aims to be a great online alternative for lawyers to comply with their MCLE requirements.


“In a nutshell, it’s like Netflix for lawyers. They now have the freedom to fulfill their MCLE requirements anytime and from anywhere, while learning from foremost legal experts. We choose the very best lecturers on specific subjects. When they enroll with ACCESS, lawyers get unlimited 24/7 access to these expert’s courses, gaining a legal resource library they can refer to again and again,” Atty. Peaches Martinez-Aranas noted.


A game-changer in legal education

Martinez-Aranas points out that unlike the traditional way of taking the MCLE which involves listening to hours of lectures and trying to follow Powerpoint slides on topics often unrelated to your field of practice, ACCESS’ self-paced, on demand courses are actually fun to complete as they involve gamification.


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Since 2001, the law has mandated Philippine lawyers to fulfill 36 hours, equivalent to 36 credit units, of MCLE every three years.  Those who fail to comply are deemed “delinquent” and will not be allowed to sign pleadings nor continue with their notarial services.


Online MCLE has been the norm in many jurisdictions in the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a necessity for the Philippines.


“There’s a real concern during this time around the notion of sitting in a room packed with other lawyers for 9 hours a day over fours days. Instead of losing precious billable and personal hours, spending time in traffic, and money on travel, lawyers will now be able to enjoy stress-free and COVID-safe MCLE with ACCESS On Demand,” adds Martinez-Aranas. 


“In forming our curriculum, I first ask myself which legal expert would I want to learn and hear from and on which legal topics. We then vet our selection with law deans, professors and other legal education experts before approaching selected lecturers to design and deliver their signature courses,” Martinez-Aranas further revealed.


With the support of the country’s top legal luminaries, and in partnership with Adamson University’s College of Law, ACCESS’ mission to revolutionise quality continuing legal education in this country is off to a great start.

“We set the bar high because Philippine lawyers deserve to learn from the very best, at their own time, convenience, and safe space,” Martinez- Aranas concluded.


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