Latest Local Pairings To Try In Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is now offering Café Comunidad local coffee and pastry pairings.

This 2018, Seattle’s Best Coffee gives us delicious local pairings to try which includes the local versions of our favorite classic blends and locally made pastries – Yema Cake, Ensaymada, and Pandesal. All you have to do is add P50 to their drink to enjoy these local pairings. Seattle’s Best Coffee uses locally sourced yet world-class coffee beans for the Café Comunidad coffee.
Café Comunidad
Latte Art Workshop spearheaded by Award-Winning Barista Wency Dalanon during the Seattle’s Best Cafe Comunidad launch


Where the grounds have “bean”
Did you know that the Philippines is also a source of great coffee beans that produce unique and delicious flavors? Yes, it is! With SBC’s Café Comunidad, our own local coffee will be enjoyed and discovered by many which is also helpful to the community and our local economy. They sourced out the beans from three highlands in the Philippines – Sagada, Benguet, and Matutum.
Café Comunidad
Sagada beans are a variety of Arabica coffee with floral scent which doesn’t overpower but rather adds a certain splendor to the drinking experience. Arabica can also be found in Benguet but are generally sweeter to the taste compared to Sagada beans. Because of the Benguet soil’s location, which is 1,600 meters above sea level, the Benguet beans get enough moisture and cloud cover which makes it full-bodied and richly-flavored. Matutum beans are more unique than the other two. Located in Tupi, South Cotabato, Matutum has very subtle beans which has aromatic nutty dark chocolate flavor that leaves a slight residue on the tongue. Overall, Café Comunidad has a variety of coffee to taste and appreciate.
Café Comunidad
Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC) Cafe Comunidad launch with Latte Art workshop participated by media guests (from left): RD Resus – Host, Wency Dalanon – Latte Art Instructor, Participants to Latte Art Workshop: Christian Paolo Cruz – Eat’s A Small World, Ron Ryan Buguis – Manila Times, Star Saboroso – Drink Manila, Michelle Santos – AGM of SBC, Mark Gabriel Mathay – Brand Manager of SBC and Lenard Berba GM of Sbc
Enjoy Café Comunidad local coffee with delicious local pastries for a true local experience that will surely indulge your senses. A perfect way to relax during the day, visit a Seattle’s Best Coffee branch and enjoy a relaxing ambiance, excellent food and of course, a best-tasting coffee. Visit their official website and follow them on Facebook to learn more about Café Comunidad and Seattle’s Best Coffee.
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