Segway Brings The Next Big E-Trend In The Philippines

Segway Philippines brings us the future of technology with its newest products

The future is here, the future is now. The next big e-trend has been launched by Simply Moving Philippines, Inc (SMPI), the key distributor of Segway, the creator of the internationally-leading eco-friendly transporters. Aiming to push a more eco-friendly means of transportation, they launched Segway’s three latest products — Drift W1, One Z10, and GoKart.

The first ever e-skates

Drift W1 is the 21st-century type of roller blades and in-line skates which is also considered as the first-ever e-skates. It is built with self-balancing technology with more than 800 patents, enabling a fast travel with a speed up to 7.5 mph. Drift W1 is also portable and lightweight which makes it easy to bring anywhere.

Not your ordinary monowheel

The addition to the Monowheel Ninebot One Z series is the One Z10 which is the most stable and fastest among the rest of the line-up. It is equipped with an 18-inch wheel with a wide tire of 103mm, ensuring stability, balance, and safety. With its large wheel, the user can travel with a speed of up to 45km/hr. One Z10 has quality tire, excellent shock absorption, and comfortable footboards that allows the user to use it even on rough roads easily. Don’t worry about traveling in the dark as it is also equipped with LED lights in case of poor visibility.

Big toy for the big boy

Last but not least is the GoKart kit, the perfect toy for the big boys. The kart has a maximum speed of 24km/hr and a reverse gear feature, equipped with a mechanical handbrake fitted to the kart’s own wheels. Segway’s GoKart is the first-ever kart that could make a drift with its handbrake. Both adults and kids can enjoy the ride as the seat can be adjusted according to the driver’s height.
In partnership with Star City Adventure Zone, they opened a GoKart ride with a wide, extensive track to let people be free to drift and go as fast as they can.

Segway and SMPI truly set the bar. To know more about the newest products and promos of Segway, you may visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To know more about the GoKart ride in Star City Adventure Zone, follow them on Instagram.
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