Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Look forward to mornings with Shakey’s Breakfast Bunch

Shakey's Breakfast Bunch

Enjoy These Breakfast Bunch Meals At Shakey’s

With this breezy bed weather, waking up early can be a hard time to many. Well, who doesn’t want to stay in bed? But with the smell of freshly-baked waffles and pizza, you will surely want to wake up and have breakfast every single day. 

Shakey’s Breakfast Bunch

Shakey’s brings you their Breakfast Bunch, a reason to wake up early and look forward to every morning. You can choose between breakfast pizza meals or breakfast waffles.

The Breakfast Waffles

Enjoy delicious plain waffles for breakfast at Shakey’s. You can also pair it with bacon and eggs or Schublig sausage and eggs, whichever you like — each comes with Belgian waffles topped with whipped butter and maple syrup.  Starting at Php 169, Breakfast Waffles also comes with a cup of UCC Cafe Americano and a glass of Mango Juice.

Shakey's Breakfast Waffles

Also included in Shakey’s Breakfast Bunch are the Breakfast pizzas. Choose between Sausage ‘n Cheese, Bacon ‘n Cheese, and Corned beef ‘n Onions variants for your 6-inch regular thin crust Breakfast Pizza. Breakfast Pizza meals include two eggs and pork & beans. For only Php 169, Breakfast Pizza meals also include a cup of UCC Cafe Americano and a glass of Mango Juice.

Shakey's Breakfast Pizza

Not a coffee drinker? Change your coffee to our NEW Premium Hot Chocolate* for FREE. SuperCard holders also get a FREE refill of UCC Coffee or Mango Juice! The Breakfast Bunch is available for dine-in at participating stores from 8AM to 11AM.

Shakey's Breakfast Participating Stores
Shakey’s Breakfast Participating Stores

Wake up to Shakey’s mornings and have a great day ahead. Visit their website to know more about the promo.

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