3 Personalized Gifts That You Can Give This Christmas

Let your loved ones hydrate in style this holiday season with these personalized Shark Bottle products

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you completed your gift list already? If not, let us help you find that perfect gift. Whether for corporate gifting or personal, giving your loved ones or colleagues something personalized adds a special touch in your gift. How about something for their hydration? Like a bottle or a cup? It’s something that is functional and can be used every day. 

Introducing Shark Bottle

Shark Bottle is a local brand that was conceived out of wanting to reduce plastic around the globe. With that in mind, they curated tumblers, bottles, and cups that everyone will be encouraged to use on the daily. They are offering a variety of cups, tumblers, and bottles that uses shark insulation technology that traps the temperature of your drinks. 

All products are BPA-FREE, stainless steel, double-walled (most hydro flasks available only have a single wall). Shark cups and tumbler are up to 8 hours hot and 16 hours for cold drinks, while Shark Bottles are up to 12 hours hot and up to 24 hours cold. The products are also sweat-free and leak-free — made with high-quality materials that are low maintenance but can stand any bumpy ride.

Shark Bottle is a daily necessity that they’ll gladly have and hold— it’s chic, personalized, and a reminder to be well-hydrated all the time! It also feels great not having to contribute an ounce of plastic waste with this durable and convenient hydration bottle.

Hydrate in style

With Shark Bottle’s Our Label is You experience, you can show personalized their products with their name on it! Plus, it helps protect the world by reducing plastic consumption. Just imagine how many plastic cups you can avoid using when you have Shark Bottles! Choose among the following products:

1. Shark Cup

Perfect for your colleagues, the best-selling Shark cup is available in 350mL size. Choose from different colors and styles available — classic, metallic, matte, stone finish, glittery, teardrop.

Shark cup

2. Shark Bottle

Perfect for those who are always on the go, Shark Bottle has different bottle styles to choose from —Barracuda, Carabiner, Cola Bottle, Commuter, Milk bottle, and Stingray. All of which are available in different colors.

Shark Bottle

3. Shark Tumbler

For those who love to drink coffee or tea, you can give them a Shark Tumbler this Christmas. Available in different colors, choose among the different styles of Shark Tumbler — Discus, Dolphin, Flounder, Puffer, Puffer+, and Toby.

Shark tumbler

Order your Shark Bottles today through their website. You may also get your orders via Facebook. Get design inspo on their Instagram page @sharkbottle. For corporate orders, you may email them at corporate@sharkbottle.com. 

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