Fri. Feb 26th, 2021

Sharp Introduced Better Solutions For A Better Life

Sharp Philippines launched its new game-changer products 

One of the leading appliance brands, Sharp Philippines, continuously provides a better life for everyone by innovating revolutionary products. Early this month, Sharp launched their new game-changer products categorized in four sections — Entertainment, Business Solutions, Clean & Comfort, and Health & Beauty. During the media launch, guests enjoyed a REAL SHARP EXPERIENCE through the four viewing booths prepared for them. Each booth showcased each product line featuring the products itself with product specialist explaining each product.

The Entertainment Solution

The first category is the entertainment solution which features the revolutionary Sharp LED TVs. Sharp, the pioneer of 8K Technology, finally starts selling 8K LED TV in the Philippines. They started with an 8K related R&D in 2009, then the world’s first 8K display in 2011, first 8K LED TV (1st generation) in 2017, and now the Sharp 2nd generation 8K TV (8T-C80/70/60AX1). 

Sharp Philippines

With this advanced technology, Sharp Philippines surely retained its standing as the country’s most innovative appliance brand. Aside from their AQUOS 8K TV, Sharp proudly offers their newest audio product line to expand customers’ viewing experience — the AQUOS Sound Partner. It offers you ear-free and hands-free personal audio. If you want to enjoy music and still be alert of your surrounding, the SS1 is suitable for you. If you want to add some more immersive experience by acoustic vibration system, SX7 is more suitable for you.

The Business Solutions

Organizations and enterprises should consider upgrading their tools as technology continuously evolves. In line with this, Sharp innovated and launches their new set of B2B AQUOS TV, which are perfect for signage in retail and product AVPs in the office. They also acquire theToshiba Dynabook which will finally be introduced in the Philippine market. The professional LCD is also available in the following models — All-in-one Display, Videowall, SHARP Big Pad, and 4K B2B AQUOS.

Toshiba Dynabook

Clean & Comfort Solutions

Another game-changing product line launched by Sharp is the Clean & Comfort Solutions. This category features the following products — Vacuum cleaner, AIoT J-Tech inverter, and PCI which are recommended not only for homes but also in hospitals, schools, offices and other industry.

Sharp Philippines Home Solutions

Health & Beauty Solutions

Aside from entertainment and home solutions, Sharp Philippines now also offer health and beauty solutions to its consumers. With the ever-evolving consumers’ demands, they offer customized products to meet the different needs and objectives of the consumers.  For the health category, Sharp introduced the Helsio Hotcook which promotes healthy cooking at your own convenience. They also launched the Vacuum blender which minimizes oxidation-retain vitamins and minerals of fruit and vegetables and the Steam Water Oven which will also be available in the local market.

Sharp Philippines Health Solutions

Sharp also introduced its new product line up for beauty appliances — the hair iron, blower, and curling iron with a Plasmacluster feature that lessens the dirt and prevents hair damage. They also have a scalp massager which reduces the sebum that causes dry scalp. 

Sharp Philippines BeauteA product line

With all these solutions, Sharp truly help everyone to have a better life with their innovative products. To know more about their new products, you may visit and follow them on Facebook

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